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Japan Has Plans to Build a Space Elevator (w/ Video)

Japanese construction firm, Obayashi, plans to build a soaring 96,000 meter elevator capable of transporting people and cargo into space at a fraction of the cost- and with only a fraction of the harmful emissions!- of current rocket flights. Really. Representatives from Obayashi claim that this science fiction-y idea is a possibility now, thanks to […]

October 7th

Tokyo Designer Presents Underground Bike Parking

With more and more commuters turning to bicycles in cities across the world, bike parking has become a critical component in any forward-looking urban planning discussions. Over in Japan, however, one company has come up with a solution that can accommodate hundreds of cyclists without taking up much space or creating an army of urban […]

September 18th

BioSkin Facade Wins Tall Building Innovation Award

BioSkin facade, a system of water-filled ceramic pipes that cools the exterior surface of buildings and their surrounding micro-climates, has won the 2014 Tall Building Innovation Award from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).  The initial use of BioSkin was at the NBF Osaki Building in Tokyo, Japan. BioSkin is a system of […]

July 21st

Geothermal Conference Set for Earth Day in Washington D.C.

Upcoming global geothermal conference will take place in America. Interested parties should mark this on the calendar. Two Dozen Countries to Be Represented in Washington D.C. Representatives from 24 countries will come together with Washington leaders for the GEA International Geothermal Showcase in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, April 22. The Showcase will examine the outlook […]

March 27th

Infographic from ReuseThisBag: Waves of Rubbish

I am passionate about saving our delicate planet and I am always looking for information on what can be done. I came across this amazing infographic and I was amazed to learn the destruction that a tsunami can do to the planet months and years later. I thought I would share this information with you.

October 3rd

Japanese Home Improvement Company Launches Billion-Dollar Solar Power Plant Program

Photo: ykanazawa1999 [repostus] Japanese Home Improvement Co. Launches Billion-Dollar Solar Power Plant Program (via Clean Technica) Solar and renewable energy market participants and observers have been expecting a boom in investment and demand in Japan in the wake of the Japanese government’s July introduction of a renewable energy feed-in tariff (FiT) program, which includes a […]

August 27th

Guest Post: Electric Roadways That Power Cars from Tires

In simple words, they aim to eliminate the need for public recharging stations, which aren’t yet that common. Using the vehicle to recharge itself while running is the most amazing addition to the electric vehicle world. The plans to implement this technique were first adopted in Japan at the Toyohashi University of Technology lead by Takashi Ohira, an electrical engineering professor.

July 23rd

Kyocera and Softbank to Build 4.2MW Mega-Solar Project in Kyoto, Japan

The Kyocera Group and SB Energy Corp. today announced that the two companies have been selected by Kyoto City to build and operate a 4.2-megawatt (MW) solar power plant. The utility-scale solar power plant will be the first of its kind in Kyoto Prefecture, and becomes the largest solar power installation in the prefecture.

March 5th

New Prius Line Energizes Toyota

With tsunamis and earthquakes crippling cities and disrupting power in Japan, the Japanese are glad to have something to celebrate. Toyota’s new “Prius-a” or “Prius Alpha” series contains two models called “Prius V” and “Prius+.” The release event took place in a spacious Tokyo garden and celebrated the release of the models despite production delays. […]

June 30th

Japan and the United States Team to Make Maui a Leading Example in Smart Grid Technology

The trial and demonstration of a Smart Grid to cover all of Maui, Hawaii is expected to cost $14 million, paid for by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, General Electric and Hawaiian Electric. Tokyo and Maui, Hawaii have partnered together using GE Energy and enlisting the services of companies: Hitachi, Ltd., Cyber Defense Institute, Inc., JFE Engineering Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., and Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.

Panasonic Expands Its Product Focus To Include Green Building Products For The Home

Panasonic is fast becoming a brand name not just for electronics but also for green building products.

Eco-Products 2008 recently held in Tokyo, showcased a series of award-winning green products and services. The E Floor from Panasonic was shortlisted for the awards. The Eco Product Awards is presented by four organizations including the Global Environmental Forum, a non-profit organization under the jurisdiction of Japan's Ministry of Environment.

January 15th

Japan Opens Environmentally Friendly Ice-Free Skating Rink

[youtube=] [social_buttons] A unit of Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. is providing panels for artificial skating rinks that require absolutely no ice. The petro-based resin panels are made in Spain, measuring 1.965 meters by 0.965 meter, and are available for both domestic ice skating and hockey rinks. Um…one ice skating rink, please. Hold the ice.

December 14th