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Making Renovations For Energy Savings

People undertake home renovations for many different reasons. Some want to increase the home’s market value. Others like to incorporate new features to keep the home looking modern, while still others just want a fresh look every so often. But you can also undertake home renovations for energy savings!

January 24th

Guest Post: Green Construction Trends

The Green movement has reached the construction trade. From affordable public housing that has adopted green construction methods — such as ergonomically designed furniture in common areas and the use of sustainable, renewable building materials — to the use of green building standards throughout the country, construction companies are embracing the opportunity to construct eco-friendly […]

February 12th

Guest Post: DOE Backs Down on Higher Furnace Efficiency Standards; Air Conditioning Standards also Being Challenged

In late 2011, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced increases in the minimum efficiency standards of residential furnaces and air conditioners. In the 30 northern states, the minimum efficiency rating of new furnaces was to be raised to 90 percent from its current level of 80 percent, starting May 31st, 2013. In the 20 southern states, the minimum efficiency of air conditioners is set to be raised from 13 SEER to 14 SEER starting January 1st, 2015 (SEER is the estimated BTU’s of cooling provided by each watt-hour of electricity, so a 14 SEER unit will use about 7 percent less energy than a 13 SEER system). These changes were expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 113 to 143 million tons, and to reduce residential energy consumption by one-fifth.

May 5th

Guest Post: Alternative Heating Systems Should Be Given a Chance!

To elaborate, biomass is the energy that comes mainly from living things like trees and plants. These store energy from the sun that can be further transformed into heating energy. A biomass system produces significantly less carbon dioxide than some fuels and costs less. Studies have shown the possibility to reduce the costs dedicated to this issue with up to 50 percent. Who would refuse to pay less and contribute to the protection of the environment?

February 14th

Greenstar Boilers Provide Ultra Efficient Heating

The Bosch Greenstar series of ultra efficient wall mounted condensing boilers utilize condensing technology, where the latent heat in the unit’s exhaust gases is extracted and re-used, to provide extremely energy efficient heating to homes and commercial spaces. The condensing technology is a highly efficient use of energy and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Greenstar condensing […]

June 7th

Exposing Infrastructure in the Works

A finely constructed house or building hides the vast majority of its inner parts. Like the skin on a body, typically either a drywall or plaster are constructed to conceal a complex web of plumbing pipes and joints, electrical wiring and outlets.

Such concealment is not always common today. The ceiling components in many new stores and restaurants – once discreetly hidden by a drop-ceiling grid containing 2’ x 4’ panels – now reveal a run of girders, PVC pipes and smartly painted ductwork for the HVAC system.

March 11th

Is Home Automation Key to a Low Carbon Lifestyle?

Home automation systems (such as Colorado vNet and Control4) are becoming a necessary amenity in any high-end home, but are they also a new tool in our fight to reduce energy use and global warming? After all, these systems are designed so that you can control your high-end AV components, home security system, lighting and HVAC […]

August 5th

Home Ventilation Control

Big buildings save energy by controlling which areas need to have heating or cooling, and not wasting energy on those spaces when they are not occupied. Similar features are sometimes found on high end homes (and are probably almost a necessity on the oversized starter castles spread across the outskirts of every city). But systems […]

December 6th