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New Building Code For Energy Efficiency

The International Code Council considers a new building code for energy efficiency which improves the energy efficiency of buildings, providing buildings with an efficiency score. The new code should save $300 to $850 off utility expenses annually. Don’t forget that it mitigates the problem which makes you have to choose between getting hot and sweaty, […]

September 14th

Guest Post: Energy Efficient Mortgages – Go Green & Improve the Home

Introduction As the idea of green grows, industries are looking for incentives to promote being eco-friendly. The government and private institutions are sponsoring programs that offer cost-effective mortgages developed to help make a home more energy efficient. A ‘green mortgage’ or ‘energy efficient mortgage’ offers homeowners the opportunity to get or borrow money to upgrade […]

November 29th

The Green Elements of CAR Expo 2009

Attending the recently concluded CAR Expo in San Jose CA we could see that things weren’t exactly hopping, especially in the Green seminars and Green expo booths. Who could blame everyone, with the still lingering effect of the economy, unemployment and overall uncertainty? The Expo offered a bevy of economic forecasts, short sale sessions and […]

October 19th