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Microsoft Vows to Go Carbon Neutral

Positive news from Microsoft: becoming carbon neutral or the fiscal year starting this July. We hope other corporate leaders will follow suit and be outspoken about their methodologies. [repostus hash=85021edf356370f8bdaa87752df3db23 title=Microsoft+vows+to+go+carbon+neutral host=AFP short=1bdCw snip=Microsoft+on+Tuesday+vowed+it+would+be+carbon+neutral+in+the+fiscal+year+starting+July.+The+plan+to+zero-out+the+overall+amount+of+climate-changing+gas+spewed+while+running+data+centers%2C+software+labs%2C+and+offices+and+even+during+work-related+travel+included+charging+departments+a+fee+for+carbon+produced%26hellip%3B jump=5]

May 13th

Putting Garbage to Use: Microsoft Will Use Methane Emissions from Landfill as Fuel

I love hearing good news about using alternative fuels, especially those that come from our waste stream. Kudos to the sustainable approach Microsoft is taking in using renewable energy. Thanks to Nicholas Brown at from Clean Technica for this post. [repostus hash=80c53a2de92ab95bff5658c5c2ca4465 title=Putting+Garbage+to+Use%3A+Microsoft+Will+Use+Methane+Emissions+from+Landfill+as+Fuel host=Clean+Technica short=1aax4 snip=Microsoft+is+conjuring+plans+to+power+a+data+center+with+the+renewable+fuel+emitted+by+landfills%3A+biogas.+Microsoft+would+construct+its+own+power+plant%2C+which+would+then+use+that+gas+to+generate+electricity+to+power+its+data+centers.+This+would+be+achieved+using+fuel+cells.+This+is+reminiscent+of+the%26hellip%3B jump=1]

May 3rd

Better Plants for Biofuels

An article in F1000 Biology Reports published today argues that recent advances in knowledge mean that plant-derived biofuels could meet about 30 percent of the global demand for liquid transportation fuels, drastically reducing the amounts of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, without having an impact on food production.

May 3rd

Top Eight Alternative Fuels

It’s always good knowing as much as possible about alternative fuels, especially those that can be considered renewable. This is a list that was posted this week on Clean Technica. Top Eight Alternative Fuels (via Clean Technica) Gasoline and diesel are still fossil fuel kings of the fuel supply chain but alternative fuels are now […]

March 10th

Gardening and Farming with Biochar Prevents Toxic Emissions from Soil

For farmers, gardeners and those who are raising animals, information from a recent study about biochar may be of benefit when it comes to managing carbon footprints and greenhouse gases. Intensely grazed pastures held responsible for greenhouse gases by nitrous oxide emissions produced from animal excrement can be better managed through the use of biochar.

April 15th

Greenhouse Gas Cap Bill Released

A draft of a bill offering cap and trade and greenhouse gas offsets was recently released. The bill has even environmentalists questioning its potential effectiveness in reversing global warming.

April 14th