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Guest Post: Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your House Warm this Winter

Practically every year there is a new product or solution on the market that helps consumers trim their energy bills, and many of them are affordable. Green technologies will continue to be developed, and at a greater speed because of how necessary it really is to both consumers and the planet. Taking full advantage of them will make your own environment healthier, in addition to the other benefits. Therefore, it is good to get informed on the different products and learn how to apply them to your home. Even if they are baby steps, if everyone does their part, we can make a difference.

December 3rd

How to be an Eco Warrior without Leaving Your Home

Helping to save the planet doesn’t have to mean marching in a protest, never flying on a plane or solely wearing itchy hemp clothing. Doing your bit to be greener doesn’t even mean making huge changes to your lifestyle. The smallest things can make a big difference, from lowering your heater by 1 degree to sealing a tiny crack around your window. There are many tips to help lower your energy consumption within your home, each one of which may seem minor but aids in reducing global energy consumption, which ultimately makes our planet a greener, healthier, happier place in which to live.

July 11th