Energy saving tips

10 Energy Saving Tips for Spring

Now that the flowers are beginning to bloom and warmer weather is on the way, there are some easy things anyone can do to save energy and money both around the house and at the office.  Here are 10 energy saving tips courtesy of the Department of Energy: 1. Service your air conditioner. Easy maintenance such as routinely replacing or cleaning air filters can lower your cooling system’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent. Also check your air conditioner’s…

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Healthy home

9 Keys to Building a Healthy Home

Using the right materials is one step in ensuring good indoor air quality and a healthy home. It also takes a range of building science-based strategies—from proper ventilation and moisture control to radon mitigation and conscientious construction practices–to make sure a home is healthy. Thanks to Brandon Weiss and Evolutionary Home Builders for sharing this list of strategies. 1.      Conduct a third-party laboratory certified indoor air quality test. Testing for the indoor air quality by using a professional third-party lab will…

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Are You Buying a Green Home? Use These 6 Tips to Find Out!

When looking to buy or rent a new home, most buyers today want to be sure they are getting an energy efficient house. A green home, compared to one that’s more conventional, can save its residents thousands- but how can you be sure you’re getting a green home BEFORE you sign the papers? Here are 6 suggestions that should help ease your mind. 1. Get Copies of Past Utility Bills This makes so much sense, it’s a wonder more people…

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Holiday Lighting Tech Has Come a Long Way

Those of you who always have to be on the cutting edge, and will spare no expense to be there, will twinkle with excitement when you hear about the latest in holiday lighting technology.  With 16 million color options and a smart phone app, you will have hours of entertainment (and frustration)!   RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) Lights The latest in holiday lights are called RGB lights because they have a red, green, and blue LED in each bulb.…

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