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Honda Smart Home is Built for Your Green Lifestyle

Built in collaboration with UC Davis in California, the Honda Smart Home is a three-year green building project that will monitor typical energy use needs for average Americans and their families.

Going Green in the U.S.: Three Groundbreaking Eco-Friendly Buildings

As people become more concerned about the state of the environment, all industries are making efforts to go green. Though progress has been made across the board, architecture is an industry that has enjoyed significant success. All over the world, cities are building eco-friendly structures and renovating their existing buildings in order to lessen the…

An Urban Masterplan Community that Consumes More Carbon than It Emits

A master designed urban community in South Africa was chosen as one of the sixteen real estate project by the Clinton Climate Initiative Development (CCI) . The Zonk’izizwe Town Center, a development of planned urban community in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa is participating in this CCI program which will strive to reduce the amount of…