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Next Trend in Passive House Design: Passive Hospitals

Passive house design has gone from an emerging architectural trend to a firmly established movement that’s entrenched itself in the professional and public mind. Even so, most people – both industry experts and laypeople – take the term literally, and equate “passive house” with, you know, houses. The truth, meanwhile, is that the same principles […]

September 8th

Geothermal Conference Set for Earth Day in Washington D.C.

Upcoming global geothermal conference will take place in America. Interested parties should mark this on the calendar. Two Dozen Countries to Be Represented in Washington D.C. Representatives from 24 countries will come together with Washington leaders for the GEA International Geothermal Showcase in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, April 22. The Showcase will examine the outlook […]

March 27th

First Solar Announces Joint Venture with Belectric

Solar industry leaders launch JV to fulfill projects in Europe, North Africa and US First Solar, Inc. and BELECTRIC Holding, GmbH today announced the launch of a Joint Venture (JV) that will realize solar energy projects on three continents. The JV – PV Projects GmbH & Co. KG – is based in Germany and will […]

September 9th

New Material Applications for Used Tires

The German-based Fraunhofer Institute has discovered new ways to optimize the recycling of rubber waste. Company researchers have developed a material called EPMT that has the desired material properties and characteristics for use in the manufacture of high quality products such as wheel and splashguard covers, handles, knobs and steerable casters.

December 9th

From Bush to Obama, U.S. Army Goes Green, then Greener

From Tina Casey, Clean Technica [repostus hash=7730a6f55314c89691be0b9e494cdcba title=From+Bush+to+Obama%2C+U.S.+Army+Goes+Green%2C+then+Greener host=Clean+Technica short=1q22B snip=%C2%A0+The%C2%A0U.S.+Army%E2%80%99s+Garrison+Grafenwoehr%C2%A0in+Germany+began+winning+environmental+awards+when+President+Bush+was+still+in+office%2C+and+now+it+bills+itself+as+the+leader+in+an+ambitious+new+sustainability+program+launched+under+President+Obama+called+the%C2%A0Army+Net+Zero%C2%A0initiative.+As+a+military+installation%26hellip%3B thumb=3062231 jump=1]

October 19th

Are Deep Sea Methane Hydrates Melting?

If record-setting temperatures, drought, and food shortages aren’t enough in troubling news, we hope this German research effort to find if methane hydrate deep in the ocean is melting due to rising water temperatures – potentially emitting massive quantities of methane into the atmosphere – returns with negative findings and reports that deep sea ice formations have remained stable. This press release came in today:

August 14th

Instead of a Treehouse, Try a Floating Home

For vacationers looking for a change of pace Germany’s Lausitz Geierswald Resort offers visitors a selection of two-story homes that float on the lake. The German architectural firm Steeltec37 has designed this collection of dwellings resembling a floating village.

March 26th

Germany: 80 Times More Peak Solar Power than U.S. Compared to Electricity Demand

For those wanting to know about the electrical supply capacity of rooftop solar, this post from Zach Shahan at Clean Technica is very much worth a review.   [repostus hash=d0c972e4ef6a3224e09bb9ad83984296 title=Germany%3A+80+Times+More+Peak+Solar+Power+than+U.S.+Compared+to+Electricity+Demand host=Clean+Technica short=17xut snip=%C2%A0+I+ran+across+this+interesting+statistic+the+other+day+and+wanted+to+comment+on+it+and+some+of+the+differences+between+German+and+U.S.+solar+energy+policy.+%28This+is+the+post+I+hinted+at+in+my+piece+on+the+2011+U.S.+Solar+Market+Insight+report%C2%A0yesterday.%29+First+of+all%2C+some+more+stats%3A+As+of+sometime%26hellip%3B]

March 20th