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Green Building 101: Renewable & Sustainable Energy or Nuclear?

March 16th, 2011 | by Susie Kim-Carberry

Tragedy in Japan reminds us the vulnerability we face as our dependence on Energy comes into conflict with the Environment and technology advances we have yet to understand. Our full reliance on natural resources causes depletion of the same resources which causes us to seek different energy sources

Green Building 101: Using Bioclimatic Design to Build a Passive, Sustainable Dwelling

January 13th, 2011 | by Susie Kim-Carberry

Building a greener dwelling isn’t some lofty idea but practical solutions we all must make to build a more sustainable future. As we started with consideration of space in Green Building 101-Week 1; How Defines Us in Terms of Sustainable Building; Now, we look at the environment around us as we build our Eco-conscious dwelling. By building in harmony with the natural environment and cooperating instead of fighting with the regional climate; Green Building takes a passive approach which requires less energy to run once the building is erected. Bioclimatic design is utilized during the design phase of a home or building.

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