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Luxury Real Estate Agent Sells Multi-Million Dollar Mansions but Lives in a Simple Tiny House

Rich The Real Estate Agent's Tiny Home

Like chefs and tour guides, real estate agents can become weary of the products they sell. For chefs, it’s palate fatigue, and for tour guides, it’s destination fatigue. What is it called when a luxury real estate agent, disenchanted with lavish properties, chooses to live in a home the size of an RV? Bigger Is…

Florida Has A People Problem and It’s Only Getting Worse

Crowds of People in Florida

It’s not all sunshine and roses in the Sunshine State. According to a new documentary by YouTube’s Something Different Films, America’s 27th state is harboring a dire concern: Runaway population growth. A Sort-After Location Administered by its four largest cities: Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and Tampa, the region is different from its neighboring states and proud…