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Hybrid and Pure Electric Car Technology 2014-2024 — Webinar

  EV Webinar Hybrid and Pure Electric Car Technology 2014-2024 Free webinar by Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx: Tuesday 10 June This webinar shares some of the research carried out for the new IDTechEx report, “Hybrid and Pure Electric Cars 2014-2024”. It encompasses hybrid and pure electric on-road cars, golf cars, neighbourhood electric vehicles NEV […]

June 6th

Lithium Air Battery Development News

Batteries with longer range remain the biggest issue for ongoing development of the electric vehicle platform. According to the American Chemical Society, researchers are reporting new progress on a “breathing”  lithium air battery that has the potential to one day replace the lithium-ion technology of today’s EVs. Read the following press information. A battery that ‘breathes’ […]

March 16th

Billionaire To Support Electric Car Network In London

Oil subsidiaries may not like the sound of an all-electric transportation fleet. However, it sure addresses many of the issues pertaining to climate change. Read Jake Richardson’s post from Planetsave. [repostus]Billionaire To Support Electric Car Network In London (via Planetsave) Billionaire Vincent Bollore will back an electric car sharing network in London. The system will […]

March 15th

Energy Storage: Pressure Cooking to Improve Electric Car Batteries

Advances are being discovered in the critical area of energy storage, especially when it comes to electric car batteries. The following press announcement from the University of California Riverside concerns improving batteries for electric cars using old-fashioned pressure cooking. By creating nanoparticles with controlled shape, engineers believe smaller, more powerful and energy efficient batteries can […]

November 19th

Guest Post: Electric Roadways That Power Cars from Tires

In simple words, they aim to eliminate the need for public recharging stations, which aren’t yet that common. Using the vehicle to recharge itself while running is the most amazing addition to the electric vehicle world. The plans to implement this technique were first adopted in Japan at the Toyohashi University of Technology lead by Takashi Ohira, an electrical engineering professor.

July 23rd

The Gasoline-Free Future and How to Get There, If Ever

I posted this yesterday on Clean Technica We must encourage multiple discussions on the questions facing us about the the clean fueling solutions we use to take us into a sustainable future. From such discussions, more research and solutions will follow. Look at the comments and participate! Photo: NCDOTcommunications The Gasoline-Free Future and How to […]

April 25th