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Tenant Star Program Recognizes Energy Efficient Office Spaces

  The US Congress and President Obama recently approved a bill that would establish the Tenant Star Program to recognize office spaces that implement energy efficiency measures, saving money and the environment. The Tenant Star Program will be a part of the current Energy Star Program for buildings, providing incentives to encourage tenants in office […]

May 6th

People Are the Key to Energy Efficiency

Click Green reports that research conducted by Washington State University shows people are key to energy efficiency and that educating them about the features of the buildings they work in is needed to maximize those savings. The research is the result of a meeting WSU graduate Julia Day went to one day in an office designed […]

December 20th

48 More Kohl’s Store Branches Given Green Certification

Kohl’s has received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings)  certification for 48 more of its store branches. This brings the number of LEED-certified Kohl’s stores up to 432. That is 37% of their 1,160 stores. Stores that qualify for this certification include Energy Star certification, commitment to green power, waste recycling, water-saving […]

June 13th

Tankless Water Heaters Made Simple

The new NPE Series greatly reduces time and labor for a typical tankless retrofit by utilizing existing gas lines and existing flue chases. In fact, this new technology allows installation time to be reduced by half compared to other tankless water heaters. All these technical advances make the Navien NPE tankless series ideal for tank water heater replacement.

October 4th

Guest Post: Solar Energy – Making the Switch to a Greener Future

When most people think of using solar energy in their homes, they envision massive arrays of solar panels attached to the roof and complete detachment from the traditional power grid. Unfortunately, harnessing the sun’s energy to the point of being able to go off the grid is still cost-prohibitive for the average homeowner, particularly if they own an existing property. There are ways to help offset these costs, but there are also a number of ways to utilize solar power in the home without a complete overhaul.

August 22nd

NAHB Awards Scott Homes with Third EVHA

On Feb. 9, 2012 the National Association of Home Builders Research Center (NAHB) held its seventeenth annual International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. The gold winners were Nexus EnergyHomes, Inc., Ferrier Builders Inc., Stitt Energy Systems, Inc., Josh Wynne Construction, LaMirada Homes by Michael Ginsburg and the three in New Custom/Demonstration for Cold climates were Flynner Building Company, Kirby Nagelhout Construction and Zero Energy Plans and Scott Homes, Inc.

March 19th