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Green Schools Gaining More Support In US

New poll from US Green Building Council shows that more than 90 percent of Americans agree that greater investments should be put toward upgrading US public school buildings with green features In a poll released at last year’s Greenbuild, respondents listed improved energy efficiency and an improved learning environment as the top reasons for schools […]

January 12th

Collegiate Teams Target Net Zero At Solar Decathlon 2015

Sixteen collegiate teams from over 27 different schools will soon be vying for the ultimate in home energy efficiency.  The US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon – America’s premier collegiate competition that challenges students from around the world to design, build and operate highly energy efficient, solar-powered houses – will open October 8, 2015 in […]

September 1st

LEED is in High Demand in Today’s Job Market

Have you ever wondered if becoming a LEED Accredited Professional, or Green Associate, was really worth the effort? “Will it help me get a job?,” you wonder. According to a press release from the US Green Building Council, the demand for LEED accredited applicants in the North American job market has actually increased – by […]

September 16th

Cradle to Cradle Founder Addresses PVC’s Future

Dr. Michael Braungart, scientific director and founder of the Environmental Protection & Encouragement Agency (EPEA) and co-founder of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) design framework, spoke recently at a seminar during the NeoCon Design Expo and Conference in Chicago. The conference, which was attended by several leading architecture and design professionals, provided a platform for Dr. Braungart to explain the […]

July 31st

What is Life Cycle Assessment?

Life cycle assessment (LCA) looks at the environmental impacts of a building material over the entire life of the material, from extraction to disposal.  LCA attempts to quantify these impacts for the purpose of comparing materials or buildings. What is measured? LCA is a scientific study of the environmental inputs and outputs to a building […]

April 16th

Maasai Tribe Receives Sustainable Technology from Monarch Power

Many under developed countries greatly need the sustainable technologies that have begun to be implemented into first world countries. Monarch Power is making large strides in helping this happen. They will deliver solar technology to a Maasai Tribe in Tanzania, Africa which will provide renewable energy and life sustaining applications. The technology is being given to Tanzania by Monarch’s charity MPower Foundation.

October 28th

Zero Waste Systems; A Cycle Following Nature’s Design

It is crucial that we implement more recycling and reuse programs into our everyday practice because if everyone on the earth consumed resources at the rate that Americans do, we would currently need five earths to keep up and this ratio will continue to grow as the population continues to grow. But we have the abilities and the technologies, already in existence to change this. We need to implement into our everyday lives zero waste system practices.

October 18th

Chidley North Hall’s Green Design Receives Gold

LEED certification is a guiding accredited program that encourages buildings to be more environmentally friendly, through design, materials and future energy consumptions. Right now it is a driving force for the way many buildings are being designed and even the way that they are constructed including the recycling practices that happen while being built and […]

August 23rd