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Program Offers Water Saving Help for Drought-Stricken Californians

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown issued the first-ever mandatory water reduction order in the history of the State of California.  The executive order directed the State Water Resources Control Board to impose a 25 percent reduction on the state’s 400 local water supply agencies, which serve 90 percent of California residents, over the coming year. […]

April 6th

Sustainable Food: Food Myths Busted

[repostus]Sustainable Food: Food Myths Busted (via Green Building Elements) Sustainable Foods Under AttackBig Agribusiness loves to throw around dire predictions of impending world hunger. According to their press releases, if not for their genetically modified organisms, petrochemical fertilizers, and their long list of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, society would…

June 10th

Super-Effficient Water-Saving Shower

Showering is one of the major uses of domestic water. Showering is responsible for roughly 18% of indoor water use. But with a new kind of shower system invented in Australia, showering could, according to the manufacturer, use 4 times less water and save up to 87% of the energy used in typical showering. Australia […]

September 28th

Building a DIY Wetland

A family in Australia has created their own tiny wetland as a part of a household grey water system.  It is a fairly large DIY project, but, as the article demonstrates, not an overwhelming project.  The writer even enlisted his young children to help in the construction. Black water is toilet waste and other water […]

September 7th