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Tiny Houseboat Gets the Tiny House Treatment

The tiny house movement continues to make big strides, but one group of people has already been putting clever thinking to use embiggening tiny spaces for years: houseboaters. Even so, some houseboat designs are clearly better than others, and that’s where this classy Hausbót comes in. Designed by Mjölk architects, this houseboat moored outside of […]

February 25th

Seattle’s NEXTHouse, by David Vandervort (Gallery)

Since we announced SunPower’s $16,000 December giveaway, we’ve gotten a few emails about the home pictured in the article. That’s the ultra-green NEXTHouse designed by David Vandervort- a 3 bed, 2.5 bath home and shop built in Seattle, Washington. Designed to be an supremely energy-efficient home, the NEXTHouse features a number of “green” technologies like […]

December 2nd

Old Garage Transformed into Ultra-modern Studio Office

When renowned furniture designer Hugo de Ruiter decided to turn his Eindhoven home’s old brick construction into a sleek, inspiring design studio, he turned to the architects at Architecten|en|en. It was a solid move, because what they came up with- a unique, metallic workspace called “Studio R-1”- makes full use of the existing structure while […]

November 11th

Tokyo Designer Presents Underground Bike Parking

With more and more commuters turning to bicycles in cities across the world, bike parking has become a critical component in any forward-looking urban planning discussions. Over in Japan, however, one company has come up with a solution that can accommodate hundreds of cyclists without taking up much space or creating an army of urban […]

September 18th

A Bright Beginning: U2 Adapter Campaign

There are tons of inventions that may be small in scale but are big in economical value. Simply put, finding another use for an item that will go in the trash is a huge value. There are multiple web sites available to help beginner inventors get their start, such as Kickstarter, Invent Help and Indie […]

March 10th

LEED Certification Challenges and Energy Efficiency

In an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times, Alec Appelbaum, questions the efficiency of LEED Program in the United States. Considered the highest standard in sustainable building and Environmentally friendly practices in green design; Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)  is the certification that any business hopes to attain for green certification purposes. […]

Live Simply and Decrease Your Carbon Footprint with a Tiny House

“Tiny houses” are starting to enter mainstream consciousness, due in large part to new companies dedicated to manufacturing and promoting tiny homes, especially Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. And for good reason, too: one of the most effective ways to decrease your ecological footprint is to buy a tiny house. For obvious reasons, a tiny house […]

February 9th

Low Impact Living: Green Weefab Mini-Homes

In case you can’t tell, we like green prefab homes. Many are beautiful and innovative, and the best of them really push the boundaries of green practices. But for most of us they’re aspirational rather than practical. Most of us aren’t building green homes from scratch, and even if we are the number of green […]

September 1st

“How Green Are You?” Contest Winners Announced

The AIA and dwell Magazine have announced the winners for their “How Green Are You?” contest. (For background on the contest, see “The AIA and Dwell Magazine Team Up to Spread the Word about Sustainability,”  published on Green Building Elements last April.) The contest recognized affordable home designs that achieve sustainability in creative ways.  Juror […]

July 29th

An Interview with Linda O’Keeffe, the Director of Design and Architecture at Metropolitan Home

On March 18th, I posted the article, “Metropolitan Home Goes Green,” discussing the magazine’s feature story on a Seattle penthouse.  Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Linda O’Keeffe, the Director of Design and Architecture at Metropolitan Home. Since Ms. O’Keeffe sees design trends as they happen, I asked her a few questions regarding what kind […]

April 10th

Green Cabinets: When Wood is Good

So you’re building or remodeling green, and you’re trying to decide what to do about the cabinets. Scanning the requirements for various green building programs, you seem to have two choices. First, you can try to find cabinets made with Forest Stewardship Council certified wood from companies like Neil Kelly Cabinets. But if the company […]

February 28th

2009 Solar Decathlon Teams Announced

The 20 teams selected for the 2009 Solar Decathlon have been announced by the US Department of Energy. Each team will receive a $100,000 grant from the DOE to be used for creating a completely solar-powered home for the competition. The full list can be found in an article at Custom Home Online. The 2009 […]

February 13th