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Dune Architect Transforms Desert Sand into Dwellings for the Green Wall Sahara Shelterbelt

[youtube=] Above, creative architecture student Magnus Larsson shares his incredible idea to help settlers along the harsh Sahara desert. His proposed process of re-structuring sand is a building material process already researched for helping strengthen earthquake prone land with sustainable bacteria that turns shifting sand into a solid mass. Looks like Larsson is creating sandcastles […]

December 1st

Umbrella Design Harvests Desert Moisture for Childrens’ Hospital

This cooling effect is a bonus in addition to gathering rainwater or overnight dew for water use. In VisionDivision's prototype, the umbrella element will funnel the cool water to a central holding tank to supply the hospital with clean water. The hospital rooms are gathered in clusters around the tank to benefit from the cooling effect of the water.

May 27th