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Retrofit or Relight: What’s The Difference and Which Is Best For Your Company

If you’re not a lighting professional, the language used to describe energy efficient lighting upgrades isn’t the most user-friendly. Being unfamiliar with the terms can make the choice of what type of lighting project to employ for your facility seem daunting. Relight, retrofit, 1-for-1 replacement, deeper retrofits – what is the difference and where do you begin?

Guest Post: A Modern City With LEDs

The LED lighting revolution has stepped out of the home and made its way to the streets as more cities across the globe are realizing the cost and energy savings that can be realized when traditional street lights are replaced by energy-efficient LED counterparts. Unfortunately, many cities have been held back in the switch to LED lights due to financial constraints that make it difficult to complete the initial transformation.

GUEST POST: New Energy-Efficient Lighting Changes Take Effect This Summer

Danielle Stewart has written before about the five benefits of lighting retrofits for commercial or warehouse spaces with lighting that can be more energy efficient. Here, along a similar line of thought, she addresses the old standard T-12 fluorescent lamp.

GUEST POST: Five Benefits for Lighting Retrofits

According to figures published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, commercial lighting is second only to space heating in overall energy consumption in the business world and ranks first in electricity consumption. As a result, retrofitting office and manufacturing workspaces with energy efficient lighting solutions can significantly reduce corporate energy costs