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Prefabricated Construction Goes BIG

Up until now, prefabricated buildings and building sections have been used to build homes and other small structures.  In China, however, they are taking things BIG – constructing a skyscraper at the rate of three floors per day! What is prefab? Prefabricated construction, or prefab, involves constructing portions of a building (walls, wall sections, roofs, […]

March 17th

China Embraces Growth with Vertical Cities

The United States has 9 cities with a population of 1,000,000 or more. China has 140- and that number is growing. China’s cities will not be like Los Angeles or Phoenix, however. Instead of sprawling expanses of suburbs and single family homes that stretch from horizon to horizon, China wants its cities to grow UPWARD […]

November 5th

Carbon Footprint Labeling Begins In China

Thanks to ClimateWire for this look into a new carbon footprint labeling program in China: A group of Chinese companies recently earned a certification from their government for producing goods with a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the market average, marking the start of a carbon labeling system in the country that is the world’s […]

July 16th

3D Printed Buildings Speed Up Construction

Will the buildings of the future be printed? Chinese construction materials company Winsun New Materials says it has printed 10 houses on its new 3-D printer that cost them about $3.2 million to develop and took 12 years to build. Winsun’s 3D printer is 6.6 meters (22 feet) tall, 10 meters wide and 150 meters […]

April 24th

20 GW of Distributed Solar 2015 Target for China

Thanks to Jake Richardson from CleanTechnica for this story on soar energy planning in China. While the headline sounds encouraging, as Jake writes, it is a very small amount. [repostus]20 GW Of Distributed Solar By 2015 Is Target For China (via Clean Technica) 20 GW of distributed solar by 2015 is the new goal in China. So […]

October 28th

China Gives Small-Scale Solar a Subsidy Boost

Small-scale solar is getting a big boost in China thanks to a new subsidy for distributed solar projects below 6 MW. The new solar subsidy works out to CNY0.42/kWh — or US$0.07/kWh — according to local press reports. The new subsidy is part of a larger push by the Chinese government — one aiming for […]

July 31st

Chinese President Looks to Cut Energy Consumption

An encouraging report from Clean Technica on the president’s plan to cut per-capita energy consumption in China. [repostus] Chinese President Looks To Cut Energy Consumption (via Clean Technica)   China, already a global leader in renewable energy, is also looking to be a leader in energy efficiency. In a keynote speech at the Chinese Communist […]

November 13th

Five of The World’s Most Sustainable Sports Stadiums

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of any new architectural design and in recent years we’ve seen this spread into the world of sports stadiums. Traditionally, the concept behind sports stadiums has been to create a colosseum-like structure which adds theatre and creates an incredible atmosphere with little prior thought ever given to sustainability. Recently, things have begun to change and we’re now seeing more and more architects giving sustainability the attention it deserves when designing new sports stadiums.

September 18th

Honda to Provide Hybrid Technologies to China firms

More news on automotive hybrids, this time Honda. [repostus hash=630db7ac2b658f073636b17daa736156 title=Honda+to+provide+hybrid+technologies+to+China+firms host=AFP short=19JRi snip=Honda+Motor+will+provide+its+core+hybrid+car+technologies+to+a+number+of+Chinese+automakers%2C+eyeing+to+boost+sales+in+the+world%27s+largest+car+market%2C+according+to+a+report.+As+Honda%27s+sales+in+China+have+long+been+sluggish%2C+it+aims+to+achieve+a+turnaround+by+aggressively+pushing+its+hybrid+vehicle%26hellip%3B]

April 23rd