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Canada To Reduce HFC Emissions By 85% By 2036

HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) emissions contribute to climate change, and Canada and many other nations are taking a stand to reduce their emissions by 85% in the next 20 years. HFCs are commonly found in refrigerators, air conditioners, foam products, and other items world-wide. Current global HFC emissions are the equivalent of approximately 1 billion tons of carbon […]

December 23rd

Canada Tops Out World’s Tallest Wood-Frame Building

Celebrating the tallest wood-frame building of its kind anywhere in the world, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr recently attended the “topping out” ceremony of the Brock Commons Residence. The new University of British Columbia student housing tower rises 18 stories to reach a stunning 178.8 feet (53 meters) tall. Under construction at the […]

October 5th

Top Prize Solar Bus Shelter Offers Rain Protection & More

The greatly-underestimated public bus shelter is the latest subject of a creative solar power makeover. When competition winners were announced on June 30, 2016, an innovative new set of designs entered the high-tech highway to solar-powered shelters. With solar-powered glow-in-the-dark lighting, the top prize-winning bus shelter offers way more than just protection from the rain. […]

July 22nd

Cross Laminated Timber Ideal For Urban Buildings

Architect Michael Green of Vancouver is a strong advocate for using engineered wood products like cross laminated timber (CLT) to construct medium to high rise buildings.  His mantra is “The Earth grows our food. The earth can grow our homes. It’s an ethical change that we have to go through.” He says wood sequesters carbon dioxide […]

November 21st

Pre-Cut Steel Buildings Snap Together Like Legos

The flexibility and simplicity of steel framing systems draws many clients because there are no interior load-bearing walls, so remodeling or reconfiguring rooms when needs change is a snap. “When children leave at 28, you can easily knock down walls.  And when they return at 32 you can erect them again,” BONE founder and president […]

October 20th

KKR to Acquire Ontario Solar Projects

Located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, SSM Solar has a total capacity of 69MWdc and 60MWac, representing one of the largest PV facilities in North America and the second largest in Canada. SSM Solar is fully contracted to sell its energy output to the Ontario Power Authority (“OPA”) under 20-year power purchase agreements entered under the authority’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (“RESOP”). SSM Solar powers approximately 7,000 households.

February 17th

Le Belvédère: Targets to be North America’s Largest Passive House

Passive houses, when designed correctly, represent sustainable works of distinction. That appears to be the case with Le Belvédère Special Events Center in Wakefield, Quebec. Homesol, an energy design company and energy evaluator, is targeting passive house certification. Here’s why: With capacity for 150 dinner guests, the high-ceiling 8,000 square foot facility has an interior volume of 150,000 cubic […]

October 4th

Greenbuild NEXT Showcases Companies that Prioritizes and Innovates Waste Management

Greenbuild NEXT focuses on what's next and with this in mind, I went to the exhibition hall to meet with the companies to discuss what they are doing to take their company to the next level in their sustainability effort. I found most of the companies focused on waste product and how to minimize that waste stream to the best of their ability. The hypothetical question, 'How do we recycle or reuse what no longer works for us?' seems to be the question everyone is asking.

October 6th

Highlights of Greenbuild NEXT 2011 in Toronto, Canada

I arrived in Toronto, Canada this afternoon for Greenbuild 2011 called Greenbuild NEXT. This is the first time the biggest green building expo/conference is held outside the United States. Although the conferences has started today, I will not do a full coverage of the expo until tomorrow. As I took the public transpo to my […]

October 4th

Fall in Love with the Future of the Tree House!

Here at Green Options, our coverage of tree houses on Clean Technica and Feel Good Style lead me to a discussion on treehouse hotels. This started me thinking about the the perfect way to experience ecotourism… …in a way that might further ecological education and preservation. For example, show above are aerial views of Hinchinbrook […]

November 3rd

Canadian Proposal for Green Building Incentives

As part of the current Canadian election campaign, leaders of the Canadian Liberal Party have announced a plan for spending more than a half a billion dollars to improve the energy efficiency of homes across Canada, if they are elected next month. Under the four-year proposal, the Liberals would offer homeowners $10,000 in financial support […]

September 15th

Community Solar Power

A community in Canada has an unusual form of solar power that can provide over 90% of the annual heating and hot water needs for the homes, despite being situated in a cold Alberta location where winter temperatures can reach -33 degrees C (-27 F). The Drake Landing Solar Community collects solar energy in a […]

June 27th