How the Recession Means More Green Buildings (and Why That’s Good for the Economy)

Can a bad economy save the planet? Let’s be honest, construction companies and home builders are facing terrible times. New building construction has ground to a halt and the subprime mortgage fiasco resulted in plummeting home values, leaving many builders with homes that were worth less than the cost of construction. The longer the recession – some say through 2010, some say longer – the more companies will have to lay off employees or go under altogether. There’s not…

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President-Elect Obama and the Future of Green Building

The phrase “Chicago Politics” has been thrown around as an insult over the presidential campaign season. Now that Chicago has become for the next two months the unofficial second US Capital, Chicago politics have dramatically increased in influence. Agree or disagree with the negative connotations of the phrase, the reality is that if certain aspects of Chicago politics do make their way into the Obama administration, we might be looking at a bright future for green building. Of course President…

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