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Xcel Energy Seeks More Renewables in New Mexico

August 1st, 2012 | by GBE FACTS

SPS is seeking, on an annual basis, approximately 88,705 MWh of “other” renewable energy generation as defined by the New Mexico Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), or an equivalent amount of biogas of approximately 665,300 MMBtu (one million British thermal units) to be in commercial operation no later than January 1, 2015. SPS prefers that the biomass resources be located in New Mexico

Solar-Powered Biodiesel Station Opens in Atlanta

June 30th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers

More information on biodiesel, thanks to Jake Richardson, writing for Clean Technica. [repostus hash=bb5a60b8479bb86525d09dc06437f3d9 title=Solar-Powered+Biodiesel+Station+Opens+in+Atlanta host=Clean+Technica short=1fIxt snip=As+someone+who+runs+biodiesel+in+a+thirty-year+old+Mercedes+diesel+sedan%2C%C2%A0it+was+very+pleasing+to+hear+of+the+opening+of+a+new+biodiesel+fuel+station%C2%A0in+Atlanta.+Located+at+250+Arizona+Ave.+NE+and+providing+B100+and+B20%2C+the+new+station+is+the+result+of+a+partnership+between+the+Southern+Alliance%26hellip%3B jump

On Building & Driving a Solar Car…

June 12th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers

Fun post! [repostus hash=af1c7ae610f780c695524c7510ebf0c2 title=On+Building+%26%23038%3B+Driving+a+Solar+Car%26%238230%3B host=Clean+Technica short=1e26u snip=%C2%A0Someone+representing+Stanford%E2%80%99s+Solar+Car+team%C2%A0recently+reached+out+and+shared+the+interview+featured+below+with+me.+It%E2%80%99s+and+interview+with+a+multi-year+member+of+the+team.+I+thought+it+was+interesting+enough+to+post+here+on+CleanTechnica%2C+so+here+it+is+%28reposted+from+CJEnvironmental%29%3A+Stanford%26hellip%3B jump

HyperSolar Completes Proof of Concept Prototype that Successfully Produces Renewable Hydrogen

May 22nd, 2012 | by pressroom

“We believe we are on the right track to produce the lowest cost renewable hydrogen. Most hydrogen used today is not renewable and not very clean because it is produced from finite hydrocarbon sources, such as oil, coal and natural gas. Renewable hydrogen produced from nearly infinite sources of water and sunlight, is clean and carbon free. The worldwide impact of using renewable hydrogen to generate electricity and power fuel cell vehicles would be extraordinary.”

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