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Canada To Reduce HFC Emissions By 85% By 2036

HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) emissions contribute to climate change, and Canada and many other nations are taking a stand to reduce their emissions by 85% in the next 20 years. HFCs are commonly found in refrigerators, air conditioners, foam products, and other items world-wide. Current global HFC emissions are the equivalent of approximately 1 billion tons of carbon […]

December 23rd

Certain Building Designs Make It Difficult To Live Without A/C

I have made numerous efficiency-enhancing suggestions to people who can’t afford air conditioning. However, they said that their homes’ designs can’t accommodate those enhancements easily. After encountering that road block so many times, I decided it was necessary to discuss it (along with potential solutions) in this article. Major Reasons Why People Struggle To Reduce […]

June 11th

Air Conditioner Power Consumption Increasing In The Southern U.S.

In the southern states of the U.S., air conditioner power consumption increased by 43% since 1993. While that isn’t a shocking explosion, it has been on the rise for a long time. This isn’t just a brief spike. In that region, air conditioners now account for 21% of all power consumption. This is very significant for a single type of appliance. The rest of the appliance account for much smaller fractions than that.

August 23rd

Hug a HERS Rater Today

I don’t know how you spent your weekend, but we spent ours with hands outstretched, feeling for hot, attic air shooting out of electrical outlets, ventilation fans and air vents. After months of crazy-high electric bills, we decided to get to the bottom of why it was costing so darn much to cool our rather […]

June 8th