Sustainable and FSC Certified Wood Floors from Mafi

Wonderfully natural in every sense and one hundred percent Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood floors are here with Mafi, a company that specializes in sustainable, engineered wide plank flooring. FSC is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that supports environmentally-oriented, socially acceptable and economically sustainable use of our earth’s forests.

According to Mafi, “Wood floors with single-face (not multi-strip) plank widths of 155mm (6″) or more are considered to be wide plank.” Because of the modern cooling and heating system along with weather fluctuations; non-engineered solid woods tend to cave into their elements. “They can gap between the planks, cup across their width and warp along their length. In certain cases where the solid wood has moved too much, the floor will fail, i.e. lift away from the sub-floor.”  Thus is the reason Mafi has created engineered wide plank wood flooring to overcome these deficiencies.

The best part, the beautifully engineered wood is then treated with organic and natural oils which means little to no VOC. Mafi is based in Vail, Colorado; however, they are currently branching out to other cities such as Boston, New York, DC and LA.

Source: Jetson Green

Photo Source: Mafi

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