SunPower Sweepstakes is Making it Easy to Go Solar

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There are plenty of things that can make a regular building into a “green building”. And, whether we’re talking about a white roof, a green wall, a heavy use of recycled materials, or just some new, energy-efficient windows to help homeowners save some money, the one thing that almost everyone thinks of when they think of “green” buildings is solar power. Despite the cost of going solar plummeting in recent years, however, many homeowners and site managers still think of solar as expensive- but there are other factors that they may want to consider:

  • An industrial or home solar PV system can yield significant energy savings throughout the year- even in winter!- and can help insulate both homeowners and businesses against fluctuations in fuel costs and their local utilities’ future rate increases.

  • The federal government might help you cover the bill for going solar. It’s true, thanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC! The ITC is a tax credit for solar systems on residential (under Section 25D) and commercial (under Section 48) properties that could cover up to 30% of your installation costs!

  • A number of national studies have shown that adding commercial or home solar PV panels to your property could significantly increase its resale value.

    Our sister site, Cleantechnica, (which happens to be the #1 clean tech focused website in the world) wrote that, “data analyzed from 2000-2009 highlights a clear trend of solar homes selling for a higher premium than non-solar homes statewide. Meaning: going green also creates economic opportunity and empowers homeowners to make some greenbacks!

  • Solar panels are a proven, reliable technology, with many home solar PV systems carrying warranties in excess of 25 years. More than enough time, in other words, for them to pay for themselves!

  • Finally, some utility companies will buy back the excess energy your solar panels generate while you’re away, or while your business is closed. That means that energy-efficient, LEED or Passivhaus certified buildings could actually generate a profit with solar panels!


I’m Ready to Go Solar!

Once you’ve decided to look into solar power, finding a reputable company to work with is your next step. That’s where SunPower comes in.

Founded nearly 30 years ago in California’s Silicon Valley, SunPower has manufactured more than one billion solar cells and installed more than 4.5 gigawatts’ worth of solar energy around the world. That’s enough electrical energy to power Paris, France- the city of lights!- for an entire year.

Recently, SunPower released a new type of solar panel that the company calls “Maxeon”. SunPower says that its Maxeon ® solar cells are fundamentally different from cells used in conventional solar panels, resulting in superior performance, reliability, quality, and aesthetics …

SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

… meaning that a Maxeon-powered solar system will require fewer panels on your roof than a system using conventional solar panels. This is helpful if you have limited usable space on your roof, and also means that SunPower customers will be able to generate more power – and more savings! – over the life of the system than homeowners and site managers who opt for “conventional” PV panels.

Best of all, you could get a SunPower solar system installed on your property- for FREE! Just in time for the Holidays, one lucky winner will win a free solar panel instillation for their home, up to $16,000! To be eligible, you have to be a legal resident of select areas of New York, California, Arizona, Colorado, or Hawaii, be at least 21 years of age, and have an electric or utility bill that is over $100/mo. on average. You can check out SunPower’s FAQ page, and CLICK HERE to enter the sweepstakes. Good luck!


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