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Your Guide to Steel Frame Homes: Compare Kits & Prices

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When it comes to steel frame homes, they can provide you with a cost-effective solution, while giving you the stability of steel?

Or that steel frame homes can come prefabricated, which means that the parts are manufactured elsewhere?

Yes, really.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about steel frame homes, including what they are and where to find them.

Let’s get this show on the road!

What’s in this guide?


What are steel frame homes?

Steel frame homes give customers the opportunity to built homes that are either prefabricated or custom built, with the benefits of steel and the appearance of traditional houses.

In the past steel buildings might have seemed cold and unattractive, however, now builders can utilise the powerful material for the frame, but then use other materials such as plaster or stone for example.

This makes it an attractive and strong solution, both for commercial buildings, agricultural storage, as well as your residential needs such as garages and homes.

Here are some of the essential benefits:

✔ Relatively low costs

✔ Faster construction

✔ Steel is strong and durable

✔ Resistant to fire and insects

What are prefabricated homes?

Unlike traditional homes, when a house is prefabricated, it means that all of the parts are individually manufactured elsewhere.

Like in a factory or store in a warehouse.

Once you create your design or pick from an existing list, your parts will be made to exact specifications; then they will be shipped to your location and assembled.

Usually, you will need to hire builders or work with the company who manufactured your building, to construct it.

This can save you time from building from scratch, as well as funds and other resources.

What are the popular types of steel frame buildings?

There are many different types of steel frame buildings to choose from, so here are some of the most popular choices.

Rigid Frame

A rigid frame building is often one of the most traditional frames that are used in construction, as it features steel I-beam columns which give you stability, and freedom to extend your building in the future.

On the whole, you can choose between two types of rigid frames; multi-span and open span.

Open span buildings traditionally don’t require any interior columns, and so they give you a much bigger space inside your structure though they are often not as big as the multi-span alternative.

You can add more interior columns with a multi-span design, giving more support to your building.

Open web

Web truss buildings resemble traditional I-beam structures, but instead of using thick steel beams they use v cross sections, which means less steel and this often makes the building much more affordable.

This does make them less structurally secure than other buildings.

So, should you want to expand your building or you need a large one, to begin with, you’ll need to use more beams to keep the structural integrity.

You’ll usually need professional builders, so your actual construction might be a bit more costly, but your materials won’t be as expensive.


These types of buildings traditionally feature a C shaped steel frame which is often used in commercial and residential buildings.

This choice might provide you with a full steel structure for less money. However, your location or general size might limit you.

Speaking to an engineering specialist can help you to establish what your needs are, as well as what you can realistically achieve with your land.

What are the advantages of steel frame homes?

There are many different advantages to using steel frame homes, including the following:

  • The cost of steel is relatively low
  • You can customise your design
  • There aren’t too many limitations
  • They will be cheaper than most homes overall
  • Steel is very recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Surprisingly, steel is lighter than wood
  • This material is heat and insect resistant
  • Steel is resistant to corrosion
  • It can withstand extreme weather and seismic activities

Are there any disadvantages?

Although steel frame homes have many advantages, there are a few disadvantages that you should try and keep in mind:

  • The pricing might be high initially
  • Unfinished steel is at risk for corrosion
  • Although steel is heat resistant, it can transfer heat which can set other close materials on fire, even if the steel isn’t alight
  • Eventually, steel frames might buckle

However, all of these negatives can be mitigated by working with a company that understands steel and can give you a high level of care.

What are the benefits of having a steel home versus using wood?

As wood is a traditional and popular material used in homes, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to using both.

Wood Frame Home Kits
Pro Con
Pro Traditional aesthetic Con Susceptible to rot and insects
Pro Wood is a natural insulator Con Flammable materials throughout
Pro Easier to find an experienced contractor Con Higher construction costs


Steel Frame Home Kits
Pro Con
Pro Can cost up to 50% less Con Limited by cost
Pro Non-flammable Con Building approval more difficult
Pro Stronger than wood Con Steel needs more insulation

How much are steel frame homes?

The price of your steel frame home might depend on different factors such as the sq footage of the building, as well as the materials you use and things like the number of rooms.

With some prefabricated kits, you can also purchase an interior pack which includes things like floor finishes and furniture.

Let’s take a look at some of the steel home kits that BAUHU offers its customers.

Home Kit 53

This is the most basic design package offered by BAUHU and features a one-bedroom house that features a low-cost panel construction system, as well as wall and roof supports.

The panels feature insulation and a variety of both exterior and interior finishes.

✔ 100mm thick panels

✔ Cement board finishes

✔ Insulation

✔ Galvanized steel frame

✔ A-rated glazed windows

✔ Plumbing installation

✔ Electrical system and lighting

Size: 53m2

Bedrooms: 1

Price Guide: $19,512.42

Shipping: Worldwide

Home Kit 69

These home kits are traditionally made with walls which have a thickness that ranges depending on your geographic location.

This can help you to make sure that your home kit will work right for you, regardless of where you are.

They are ideal for more remote locations, as they are prefabricated off-site, which can save you considerable time and money on building costs.

✔ Ships worldwide

✔ Cement board finishes

✔ Insulation

✔ Galvanized steel frame

✔ A-rated glazed windows

✔ Plumbing installation

✔ Electrical system and lighting

✔ Custom built

Size: 69m2

Bedrooms: 1-2

Price Guide: $24,517.61

Shipping: Worldwide

Home Kit 107

The home kits from BAUHU allows you to be able to afford some low-costing housing, which is an excellent choice for both residential self builds and commercial use too.

Custom design is available for many different industries such as schools, hotels, hostels and townhouses for example.

✔ Suitable for schools and hotels

✔ Prefabricated kits

✔ Cement board finishes

✔ Insulation

✔ Galvanized steel frame

✔ A-rated glazed windows

✔ Plumbing installation

✔ Electrical system and lighting

Size: 107m2

Bedrooms: 1-2-3

Price Guide: $37,056.66

Shipping: Worldwide

Where can I find steel frame buildings?

1. American Buildings

American Buildings

Type: Steel building provider

Locations: Utah, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, California

With the experience that spans over 70 years, American Buildings has become a well-known brand when it comes to steel buildings, as evidenced by their five-star reviews on Google, with many stating that the team is helpful and friendly.

They have a network that reaches over 1,000 independent contractors, who can help you to construct the steel building which suits your needs.

American Buildings can offer you steel framing, roof, wall systems complete with accessories and colour choices.

2. BlueScope


Type: Steel building provider

Locations: Missouri

BlueScope is a group of companies of which Buildings North America is a part of, who manufacture and deliver high-quality steel buildings from many areas in America which include Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina and more.

These metal building systems can be used for many purposes including commercial, industrial and for communities, customised to match specifications.

3. Armstrong Steel Buildings

Armstrong Steel

Type: Steel building provider

Locations: Colorado

Armstrong Steel Buildings are a Colorado-based company which provides a range of steel buildings for their customers, which might include for use for small businesses, churches, or homes for first time builders.

Their nationwide service has a stellar online reputation with a 5-star rating on Google, with customers stating that the team are helpful and create stable buildings.

4. Olympia Steel Buildings

Olympia Steel Buildings

Type: Steel and metal building provider

Locations: Pennsylvania

Olympia Steel Buildings provide their customers with a wide range of steel buildings which can be used for many different purposes which include; industrial use, manufacturing, workshops, churches, airplane hangars and residential buildings to name a few.

They claim to be able to offer you a 40-year warranty on their roof panels, top quality steel as well as steel which has been made in America.

5. Viking Steel Structures

Viking Steel Structures

Type: Steel building provider

Locations: Arizona, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Montana

Viking Steel Structures are a steel and metal building provider who has a vast network over many states in the US, and customers can benefit from their trained employees and specialists.

On offer, you can choose from many different building styles such as carports, garages, barns, RV storage and entirely custom designed structures.

They can also help you with financing for your steel building, which will give you very flexible payment terms and interest rates.


In conclusion, steel frame homes are an excellent option to provide low-cost housing, without needing to sacrifice on the quality of things like insulation and proper plumbing.

Have you found out everything you need to know about steel frame homes?

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