State of the Art Cathouse Benefits Local Pet Charity

cat house

cat house

When you hear the word “cathouse”, you may or may not be thinking of well-designed, architecturally significant little shacks for your fluffy feline friends. That’s exactly what these are, however, and even though they don’t fit, 100%, into GBE’s stated mission of delivering the latest in “green”, passive, and sustainable architecture/home-improvement projects, these little cathouses sure are cute!

Several architectural firms participated in a fundraiser for FixNation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping cats in need, providing the design and construction of living spaces for cats.  With tunnels, tubes, ramps and platforms from wood, metal, fake grass and the materials used to make scratching posts, participating designers showed off the huge range of possibilities for catering to domestic cats, in some cases integrating elements of human functionality (with pieces doubling as furniture) as well.  All of the structures were designed for outdoor use.

The Giving Shelter fundraising event was held in Los Angeles at the Herman Miller Showroom and included designs from heavy-hitting designers at RNL, NAC, DSH, HOK, Wolcott, Lehrer, Space Int’l, Formation Association, Perkins + Wil, and Standard Architecture and Design.  FixNation Board Member and Special Guest, Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s hit show My Cat From Hell, was also in attendance.

FixNation Founder and Executive Director, Karn Myers said, “We hope that by inviting collaborations across disciplines in events such as this one, that we can raise awareness and find new approaches to helping animals.” Architects for Animals Giving Shelter is an awareness raising initiative to benefit FixNation, and combines the love of architect’s love of design with their love of animals.


Best-looking Cathouse Photo Gallery

Cat house design by DSH Architecture

Cat house design by Formation Association

Cat House design by HOK

Cat house design by Lehrer Architects

Cat tunnels designed by Nace

Cat seat design by Space International

Cat house design by Standard Architecture


Sources | Images: Web Urbanist, FixNation, Grey Crawford.