Snoozebox is a PopUp, Shipping Container Hotel

Every year in June, the small French village of Le Mans hosts a little-known, seldom brought-up, 24 hour motor race. Thousands of fans from all around the world come to watch, but the rest of the year LeMans is just a sleepy farming community. A hotel in the area would be jammed to capacity for one week a year but empty as Fenway Park in January the rest of the time.

Le Mans needs a temporary hotel for a short time each year. Snoozebox has the answer – a hotel made out of shipping containers that can be set up in as little as 48 hours. Configurations from 40 to 400 rooms are available. When the crowds go home, the Snoozebox is dismantled and transported to wherever it is needed next.

Snoozebox’s cozy rooms carry all the comforts of home. They sleep two to four guests comfortably with double beds and adjacent bunk beds. The adaptable rooms also feature drawers and closets for your clothing, as well as wifi, flat screen televisions, a safe and power sockets. Each room also features a private toilet and shower.

Available courtyards, balconies and meeting areas turn a Snoozebox hotel into a social complex that goes beyond just lodging. A restaurant and bar container can also be included. The pop up and portable hotel is ideal for festivals, events, and even disaster relief, bringing self-sufficient and comfortable accommodation to any location in a hurry.

Snoozebox hotels are currently situated at Silverstone, the home of the British grand prix; at the site of the British Open; in Chiang Mai, Thailand; and in Edinburgh, Scotland. For more information about Snoozebox, check out the company’s website.


Snoozebox Open / on the Go

Source | More Photos: Snoozebox, via Inhabitat.