Smart Drywall Access Panel Solutions

Finished drywall may look wonderful, that is, until somebody cuts a hole in a wall or ceiling for access to ductwork, an electricity junction, or a speaker system. Having access to what is behind the wall has long been an essential part of a home or office system.

The access challenge

Providing permanent, easy access to building control systems, such as electrical junction boxes plumbing cleanouts, or air vent dampers has been a long-standing challenge from both a functionality and aesthetic perspective. Historically, cumbersome and hard-to-install square-shaped access panels have been the standard option. They often require framing in order to be functional and the cover is notoriously homely.

Now Wallo Brands provides an attractive round drywall ceiling and wall access panel which solves these access panel problems with one circular design. Importantly, these attractive round access panels have been designed to complement home or office décor. Simple, clean and classic design can be painted or textured to match with various decorating styles.

Wallo ceiling example 31

Wallo’s easy snap-in, pop-out access panels for drywall ceilings and walls are quickly becoming popular with architects, contractors, and DIY homeowners.

Founded in 2011, Wallo Brands started operations by providing a simple drywall ceiling access solution for homeowners and building contractors. “This drove us to do intense research, product selection, and gave us the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to a great product,” said the president of Wallo Brands. “We now serve customers worldwide, and are thrilled to be a part of the innovative wing of the construction industry.”

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Wallo access panels come in three convenient sizes: 4.75″, 7″, and 9″.

Last JulyWallo Brands, based in Middleton, Wisconsin, was recognized for excellence in product design in the 12th annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine. The company’s round shaped and spring-loaded circular access panel was the Silver Award Winner in the Miscellaneous category.

Wallo Access Panel Features

+ Permanent, attractive access to ductwork air damper controls, electrical junction boxes
+ Work as an in-ceiling and in-wall speaker hole cover
+ Work as a ceiling access panel
+ Spring-loaded clips make for easy installation and removal
+ Can be painted or textured to match any existing room decor

Next time you’re considering how to best provide an access solution, keep these affordable drywall solutions in mind.

This article has been sponsored by Wallo Brands.


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