Famous Seattle Spite House Sells For Big Money

November 21, 2014

Spite House 1

The tiny 830 square foot home known as “the Spite House” in the Montlake section of Seattle sold recently for $397,500- nearly $500/ft., which is pretty good for the area. As for why it’s called the Spite House? Seattle’s Spite House was originally constructed to irritate its owner’s next-door neighbor … who also happened to be her ex-husband!

That’s right, kids. According to a popular local legend, a judge in a contested divorce case awarded the couple’s house to the husband, and the pie shaped yard to his wife.  Being a clever and vindictive ex-wife, the woman built a house on the property to spite her now ex-husband. Whether that’s true or not, it makes for a good story.

Built in 1925, the Spite House is only 15 feet wide at the front and narrows to just 4.5 feet at the rear. Nevertheless, it offers the same amount of living space as a comparably-sized one bedroom apartment or “tiny house“, and is a fully realized dwelling, as the accompanying photos can attest. Plus, it means never running out of things to talk about at dinner parties!


Spite House Photo Gallery

Source | Images: Inhabitat, Resources1.



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