Rhino3 Creates Shipping Container Homes starting with a ‘Queen’

A new creation has come to fruition on the plains of Colorado. The first of its kind is called “Zulu Queen” and it is a Corten steel shipping container ‘high cube’ turned home.

The designed home emerged from a team of an artist/architect and an outdoor woman/tech guru of Sam Austin and Jan Burton as they created firm Rhino3 (cubed). Their motto is:

“Tiny dwellings at the intersection of art and sustainability”

These containers were used to import goods to the United States and are rarely returned so they become unused goods. But now there is a new life to offer them.

Back-side-of-Zulu-Queen(pp_w900_h602)Rhino3 is offering three models of their container dwellings.

  • The Naked Container
  • The Decanter (to be renamed)
  • The Rhino Cube

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The Naked Container is a 20-foot container cube stripped down, the do-it-yourself space, costing only $19,000.

The Decanter is the standard container with the added bonuses of an insulated floor, ceiling and roof, and finished walls. It still has an empty interior and it still comes in at a price of under $30,000.

The Rhino Cube is 160SF of living space that can be on-grid or off-grid living, has a full kitchen, cabinets and storage, sustainable aspects including water systems, a DC powered refrigerator and an optional bathroom. This cube can be either a 20 or 25-foot container and has a price point of $60,000.

The “Zulu Queen” is the first Rhino Cube to be executed, but many more are sure to come up in rural and most likely urban situations asap.

Resources: Rhino3