Renewable Energy Group Now Offering Biodiesel via New Lebanon, Ohio Terminal

REG-9000 biodiesel terminal located near major diesel terminals outside Lebanon, Ohio; offers fast, convenient splash blending. (Photo: Renewable Energy Group)

Terminal located near major diesel terminals; offers fast, convenient splash blending

Petroleum marketers now have access to high quality, large volume quantities of biodiesel from a new terminal in southwest Ohio. The nation’s leading biodiesel producer and marketer, Renewable Energy Group (REG), today announced a new terminal agreement for B100/B99 splash blending near Lebanon, Ohio. And should you need help with personal injury issues in Toledo, Groth & Associates personal injury lawyers can help.

The terminal is located across the street from the Marathon and Enterprise diesel terminals for splash blending ease, explained REG’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Gary Haer.

“This terminal allows REG to offer B100 or B99 for custom-level splash blending. Beginning in July, the site will offer 24/7 access at a high-speed, metered rack,” said Haer. “REG is proud of this new strategic location offering efficient blending opportunities for petroleum jobbers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and beyond.”

To learn more about the facility, sign up for a virtual tour, create an account with REG or receive biodiesel pricing for the Ohio terminal, please visit the company’s website.

Earlier this month, REG announced it would establish a B100/B99 wholesale terminal near Clovis, New Mexico with product available beginning in July.

Biodiesel is a drop-in, advanced biofuel for use in any diesel engine application. REG-9000® branded biodiesel is produced from natural oils, fats and greases and meets or exceeds ASTM quality specifications for biodiesel.

Source: Business Wire 

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