Recycled Plastic Fencing can be an Easy, Ecologically-Friendly Option for your Home

Taking used plastic articles and turning them into new plastic articles is an important part of a sustainable future for the world’s environment. Exact data is hard to come by, but a recent study published in Science and quoted by National Geographic finds that over 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans of the world every year.

The study is as of 2010, the latest year for which data is available. To make matters worse, the people who wrote the study say they expect the amount of plastic trash added to the oceans will double in 10 years. It is now 2017. That ten year period is almost up.

Clearly, the problem of what to do with waste plastic has reached crisis proportions. Fortunately, there is one company that is making re-using discarded plastic to make new building materials, including fences, furniture, and lumber.

Kedel Limited is a family owned and operated business based in Lancashire, England and founded in 2010 by three brothers. The company manufactures and distributes recycled plastic wood and recycled mixed plastic lumber. Both are ideal for replacing wood in the building and construction industries.

The company also designs and manufactures outdoor garden furniture and accessories. Its product line includes raised beds, planters, compost tumblers, benches, picnic tables, table and chair sets and multi-colored recycled plastic fencing. Kedel also produces outdoor school classroom furniture and a range of patio furniture made from recycled plastic sourced in the UK.

Why consider products manufactured by Kedel from recycled plastics? Mostly for the same reasons that make plastic such a problem when it is discarded in the oceans — it does not warp or rot and takes thousands of years to break down. Items made with recycled plastic that will be exposed to the elements will last indefinitely, dramatically reducing maintenance costs.

Because the colors are added in the recycling process, those items never need painting no matter how harsh the environment they are exposed to. Recycled plastic products have a low carbon footprint and are the ideal replacement for wood, concrete, steel, and virgin plastic in any construction project.

Worried that recycled plastic may not look like the real thing? The people at Kedel get feedback from customers all the time from people who wonder if they made a mistake and sent them items made of wood by mistake.

Check out the Kedel website to see the wide assortment of products in a variety of colors available. Or contact a customer service representative online for assistance selecting the proper recycled product that best fits your specific need and to arrange for shipping to most worldwide locations.

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