Tips to Help Re-model Your Interior on a Budget


Deciding to re-model a room, space or overhaul the whole of your home is a big move, but it is an exciting opportunity to be creative. While you may have big ideas, your budget may not match your creative inspirations and when this happens, we can be tempted to put off our plans. However, there are answers- and inexpensive rugs can be a great way of dressing, accessorizing and ‘completing’ a space.

We have some great suggestions for adding creative verve to your home without breaking the bank, and you’ll be able to see how rugs and throws can play a big part in creating a fresh, vibrant space!


Painting Stuff


Paint is not an expensive option for changing the look and feel of a room and can be done in a few hours; just changing the color of the walls can create a real difference, without breaking the budget.

Scared of going too far with color on the walls?

Some of the current trends look at using dark, earthy colors for walls and rightfully, people are a little concerned that it will be too much- as well as causing a smaller room to seem crowded and smaller. If you’re not sure about heavier shades of color on the wall, why not opt for a cheap rug instead? This is a great way to introduce striking and dramatic colors, without the fear of being stuck with them for months and months.


DIY Upgrades

Love it or hate it, DIY can slash hundreds off your re-model or decorating budget. The majority of us enjoy completing projects ourselves but many other people employ the use of such service from painters, decorators and designers. However, doing it yourself is a great way of slashing thousands of pounds off the final price of any re-modeling project and also gives you a great sense of satisfaction!

There is a huge range of inexpensive, value-heavy rugs available in all shapes, sizes and colors, as well as patterns too and so experimenting with rugs is something that is well-within your budget!


Up-cycle and Recycle


At one time, up-cycling was seen as a passing fad or phase, but with the concerns about the environment growing and our need to re-use as much as possible, it seems that recycling and up-cycling is here to stay.

Recycling is when you simply reuse an item in a different way to its original capacity, whereas up-cycling is where components of an item are used to create something different, as well as mixing the old with the new; for example, why not ring the changes with the old sofa by giving it a new pair of feet?

You wouldn’t think that rugs can be recycled but a cheap way of getting a brilliant quality rug for your pad is to hunt out large rugs that may be damaged or threadbare in some places. Have the rug cut down, with contrast piping or edging and, in a blink of an eye and for next-to-nothing, you have an amazing cheap, but high quality, rug to go along with your re-model!


Remember: Patience is a Virtue

And finally, what is ‘in’ or on-trend now in terms of furnishings, furniture and rugs will have the on-trend price tag but, if you exercise patience – yes, we know it’s hard! – then these items will soon come into the cheaper section in the sale that you have been waiting for.

Online rug retailers, as well as high street stores, will regularly feature cheap rugs as part of deals and season sales. Or, if you see the rug you really want, but the budget is not stretching to the full price tag, then why not try out your negotiating skills? In these tough trading times, and with competition fierce between competitors, you may not only get a cheap rug but some additional accessories and benefits, such as free delivery.

Re-modeling an interior space is perfectly possibly on a budget, especially if you follow these simple guidelines but, if nothing else, do your research and compare deals too!


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