Propeller Island City Lodge; A Hotel Like No Other

Architects, engineers and a large percentage of the population are programmed to think that they know what the ideal hotel room and commendations are. But if given the chance, would those people, myself included, take a step outside the box and make reservations at a hotel that is entirely unique?

The hotel is Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany. All of the 31 rooms, reception area, Gallery, meeting room, décor and objects in these areas was designed by German artist, Lars Stroschen. The City Lodge is opened all year and rooms are reasonably priced from $100 to $250 per night.The City Lodge started as a renovation to two guest rooms in Stroschen’s place. He needed to rent the rooms out and said that it would have been too boring to do ‘normal’ rooms. The rooms received a lot of publicity, therefore causing Stroschen to purchase a local hotel as its lease came available. He spent five years creating Propeller Island City Lodge.

The primary reasons that it required five years for him to finalize his hotel are that each room is unique and individually designed. It has been called one of the world’s sexiest, kinkiest, and strangest hotels, but it is truly an innovative work of art.

The Four Beams Room – The bed in this room is suspended from ropes that are attached to ceiling beams and while this may be appealing to some, you must know that weight restrictions do apply here.

The Blue Room – This was another of the first rooms created by Lars. It is entirely blue with ship-like sails attached to the walls, adorned in mirrors.

  • The Table – The bed here is circular and surrounded by pleasant earth tones for color.
  • Upside Down – The furnishings in this room are mounted to the ceiling and guests sleep below the floor line in box-like cutouts.
  • Glas Haus – A room based on recycled goods, such as the bathroom is made out of old windows. This room is described as having a feeling of antique luxury.
  • The Gallery Room – This room also has a circular bed but it rotates via pedal. It also showcases a gabled roof and a bathroom done entirely in blue glass.
  • Freedom – This room’s description reads, “A friendly prison cell.” You can make of that what you will with the toilet openly located in the single room.
  • Grandma’s Room – This room is a preservationist’s dream with everything being re-used. The bathroom is hidden inside a refurbished wardrobe closet.
  • Padded Cell – Named appropriately, this room’s décor is of all padded walls covered entirely in green leather.
  • The Gruft Room – In this space visitors can sleep in coffins, if they choose, or in the sleep labyrinth found below the coffins.
  • Landscapes – This room’s appeal is that it has wave-like walls, an octagonal ceiling, and demonstrates a light-flooded landscape of breathtaking serenity.
  • The Chicken Curry Room – This is an Indian inspired room which could be used as a photo studio because it is lightly furnished and wide open, with the bed found below the floor under a garage gate.
  • The Medi-Terra Room – This represents a Mediterranean village with rustic comfort but only fits one person.


  • The Two Lions Room – In this room you can sleep in one of the two cages or the bed. It is the biggest room in the hotel, considered their suite. It also boasts of a throne that overlooks the golden bathtub.
  • The Nightlight Room – Here guests can use the spy mirrors to watch neighboring guests if their curtains are open and the bathroom is a giant plastic bag.
  • The Electric Wallpapers Room – This room is said to be “The most ‘normal’ quarterings in our City Lodge.” Its décor is of futuristic computer paintings and it has a full kitchen for the extended-stay guests.
  • The Forest Room – The bed here is built upon a wood pile and the room is decorated with shades of magenta and chrome with a citrus yellow bathroom.

This hotel is a design student’s sketchbook come to life. It is all of those ideas that a person has that get tossed away for more practical, ‘normal’ designs. While the list of rooms may seem daunting the visual is truly inspiring. Go to Berlin and stay in a place that will never be duplicated!

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