Plan Sampler for Small Houses Under 1000 Square Feet

A lengthening list of people are interested in building small houses, not big ones.  With today’s world population at 7.221,475,940 people  there are abundant reasons for building smaller. Economics enter into the planning, as well, as does the notion of simplifying lifestyles.

For people leaning this way, here are some resource companies that provide plans that meet these square footage requirements.

The House Designers

This company’s collection of plans includes an assortment of plans that are 1,000 square feet and under that still meet all the needs and desires of today’s busy professionals and families. Whether it’s a cottage you’re building to use as in-law quarters or a small home to minimize the ever-increasing heating, cooling and maintenance costs, this collection has everything you’ve been looking for including garage plans that incorporate studios and smaller living quarters.

Small house 1 2115Ard

The Abbeville

Plan: THD-AMD-2487

Heated Area: 950 Sq. Ft.
First Floor: 738 Sq. Ft.
Second Floor: 212 Sq. Ft.
Width: 32 Ft.    Depth: 31 Ft.
Bedrooms: 1           Bath: 1
Styles: Craftsman
Foundation: Basement, Crawlspace, Post & Beam, Slab

America’s Best House Plans

This resource offers numerous small house plans with fewer than 1,000 square feet. The homes include everything from vacation homes, homes for empty nesters, and homes for people making a conscious decision to live smaller. These house plans are designed specifically to incorporate affordable materials and living spaces.  This company reports that an additional benefit of living small is the reduction of stress, maintenance free living and more time to relax and enjoy your family and lifestyle.

“The square footage in our small house plans vary from offering a complete floor plan to include living, sleeping and dining spaces to the bare bones of having a place to lay your head down at night. Many of the home designs also offer an outdoor space in which to unwind and relax after a day of work, on the water or hiking the woods.”

Small house 2 full-20901


Square Footage:930 sq. ft.
First Floor:930 sq. ft.
Foundation: Slab
Ceiling Height
First Floor:8 feet

In Mother Earth Living,  Carol Venolia’s article, “Live Well in Less Than 1,000 Square Feet” provides this perspective:

“During the past 60 years, the size of American homes has exploded, but the trend is now moving in the opposite direction, proving once more that bigger isn’t always better. In 1950 the average American home size was 983 square feet; by 2009 the average home was 2,343 square feet—even as family size shrank. Finally, it appears people are rethinking housing size. In 2010, average home size is down 9 percent, and many communities—such as California’s Marin County and Georgia’s DeKalbe County—have enacted laws limiting new home size.

“A moment’s thought yields a multitude of reasons to consider living in less than 1,000 square feet. Smaller homes generally cost less and require less maintenance than larger ones. A small house consumes fewer natural resources in construction and requires less energy for heating and cooling. But perhaps the most compelling reason for going small is that it feels good. People who live in small, well-designed houses say their homes feel cozier, and they love having everything they need within reach.”

Small homes 3 NH-ND10-totems-loft-bedroom
Photo By Stuart Bish

Here are a few resources for people who are beginning to think that smaller is better for them, that the old American standard of 60 years ago may have been modest, but also remarkably sane. There is also more to see here.

This introduction to small houses is by no means comprehensive. There are thousands of plans out there.  Start looking and you will be amazed at what you find. Enjoy your search.

Stuart Bish photo was published on Mother Earth News.


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