Origin Oil & Ennesys Use Paris Building Wastewater to Grow Algae for Energy

This post provides an interesting glimpse at a recently opened Paris building that generates energy from wastewater. The companies involved in this venture: Ennesys and Origin Oil.

OriginOil and its energy systems partner Ennesys unveiled this pilot project at the high-rise La Défense area in Paris, which has 37.7 million sq ft of office space, where they are fusing two essential functions of the smart buildings of the future: energy generation and wastewater clean-up. They have developed a solution that converts wastewater from commercial buildings into energy.

Here’s a short video

Jerry Schranz, part of the public relations team, informed me this system takes wastewater from the building (that is derived from bathroom waste water, kitchen water, etc.). This water is then used to grow algae, which is nourished by wastewater. The Algae Appliance invented by OriginOil scientists, processes the water and algae to produce methane, which is then used to power the building. Importantly, the flat panel bioreactors (where the algae grows) can be used on vertical surfaces, so skyscrapers are a huge area of opportunity for this type of energy production.

While the French government has mandated that new commercial buildings must produce more clean energy than they consume and purify or recycle water, OriginOil views these conditions as laying favorable ground for its technologies to be broadly adopted.

Congratulations to Ennesys and Riggs Eckelberry, Origin Oil’s CEO, on this demonstration of sustainable energy.

Photos: Ennesys grand opening

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