NewWood Manufacturing Offers Diverse Palette of Sustainable Recycled Products

A good line of green composite building products can be found through Elma, WA-based NewWood Manufacturing. The company’s innovative composite panels provide a glowing example of putting waste and scrap to good use. Panels are made using 50 percent recycled plastic and 50 percent recycled wood.

As executive assistant, Anne Masias phrases it: “Utilizing post-consumer and post-industrial wood and plastic waste, NewWood is dedicated to making “Better materials to build a better world.”

Because most sheathing and flooring materials are produced as laminates or composites, they can decompose or begin delaminating with too much exposure to moisture from weather. By contrast, the NewWood product line is waterproof, insect resistant, durable and easy to use.  According to Masias, products cut like wood but perform like plastic in terms of durability.

NewWood Manufacturing’s patented eco-friendly technology allows them to take what’s been literally tossed-away and transform it into sustainable boards perfect for all types of projects for the home, garden, farm, marine and building industry.

In addition, Masias tells GBE, “They’ve breathed new life into a town by employing residents of an area in Washington State that has been affected by chronic unemployment.”

This jazzy You Tube video does a very nice job of showcasing this green company and the technology it uses.


More news like this is great news for the continued development of sustainable products.

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