New Green, Sustainable Roofing Material Designed by EcoTech

EcoTech Nu-Slate tiles

EcoTech Nu-Slate tiles

EcoTech, a Los Angeles based company, claims their new roofing materials are the greenest and most sustainable product to date. Their new roofing panels promise to reduce energy costs and increase a home’s value easily.

“First and foremost, EcoTech is all about being green, eco-friendly and sustainable,” says the company’s CEO Jeffrey Barrett, Sr. “We’re committed to environmental leadership in all aspects of our business. Eco-friendly and sustainable responsibility is crucial to the future of our country and the future of our children and grandchildren.”

According to Barrett, the new roofing material is both durable and eco-friendly because they are made from interlocking highly-advanced polymer panels. The panels are supposed to be unbreakable, as well as resistant to mold, mildew and algae. Making them long lasting and cost saving for home owners. The highly-advanced polymer material also reflects heat off of homes, in a similar way white roofs would, which reduces energy costs for homes during the warmer months.

The Nu-Slate panels are designed to resemble other roofing materials, offering home owners both style and sustainability. The panels come in a wide array of colors, and can mimic wood, cedar, shake, and quarry slate roof panels. The Nu-Slate panels, however, are stronger and more durable than the typical building materials.

“EcoTech meets the industry’s stringiest certification programs, including the Cool Roof Rating Council, United States Green Building Council and Energy Star,” Barrett says.

Each panel is made from polymers that create 0 production waste, and are completely recyclable. They are strong enough to resist winds up to 130 miles per hour, as well as being class A fire resistant. They are so durable, EcoTech says they may be the last roofing panels a homeowner needs to buy.

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