New Book: “Making Better Buildings”

Chris Magwood’s comprehensive book concerning sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors has just been released by New Society Publishers.

Making Better Buildings

For those wanting to know more, here are some comments:

“Making Better Buildings is essential reading for home builders, owner-builders, or anyone interested in hiring a contractor to build their dream green home. This book is full of useful, up-to-date, cutting edge information and is amazingly thorough and easy to read. It will help readers make the best decisions possible regarding energy efficiency, cost, durability, health, embodied energy, labour requirements and so on. Quite possibly the most valuable book ever published on green building!”

-Dan Chiras, Ph.D, director, The Evergreen Institute

“Comparing contemporary building technologies based on criteria such as embodied energy or energy efficiency is a huge job — a job that holds most contractors and owner-builders back from making informed choices. Chris Magwood has saved us all thousands of research hours with Making Better Buildings. This book is not only a tool for the builders of today, but is a marvellous textbook for the young, emerging building professionals of tomorrow.”

-Emily Niehaus, founding director of Community Rebuilds

“At last: clarity! There are more and more people all over the world who are discovering the joy and satisfaction of building for themselves with natural materials. Very few, however, are able to teach, communicate and inspire those around them. Of that precious few, Chris Magwood is at the top of the list; his delight and mastery of the subject hums in every page. Whether you want a broad overview or access to high-quality, practical information on specific subjects, this is the book for you.”

-Bruce King, PEng, director, Ecological Building Network

“If you’re drilling deep into sustainable building and want more than superficial details, let Chris Magwood be your guide. Making Better Buildings will help builders and homeowners quantify the green building process, and better understand the impact of their decisions.”

-Scott Gibson, Green Building Advisor

“Chris Magwood’s new book is exciting news for builders and homeowners everywhere! This includes people who haven’t yet heard of the ideas that Chris lays out with such accessible knowledge and clarity. As one of the most knowledgeable and experienced ecological builders in North America, practicality and efficiency are his prime concerns. As one of the leading natural builders in the world, his affordable ideas are offered for all scales, within his broad and creative vision.”

-Mark Lakeman, Communitecture Architecture and Planning, and co-founder, The City Repair Project

At GBE, we’re most interested in this book and will provide more information in the near future.

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