New Blind Mimics Tree Leaves and Stores Energy

Imagine coming home from a long day at work on a summers’ day. You left that morning and ensured the blinds were down so you didn’t come home to a roasting-oven. You walk in the door and the sun is down outside, but inside, there’s a warm gentle light.

Welcome to a house with the Liteon Eco Leaf blind installed.

Replacing traditional blinds the Eco Leaf includes solar cells made into the fabric that recharge during the day while doing the job a blind is designed for; blocking out the sun. Come darkness outside though, the Eco Leaf emits ambient light, using energy it stored during the day and creating a stylish corner of your house.

There’s even a little corner on the blind which tells you the current room temperature, and can even allow you to check the weather and time, using E Ink.

Designed by Lim Wan Xuan & Tang Xueling Jane of XentiQ Pte Ltd, a production company.

Based around the idea of a tree leaf the blind allows ambient light to seem into the room during the day, but also gathers energy using photovoltaic cells that are built into the fabric. During the night leaf-shaped OLEDs light up the room.

Source: Yanko Design

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