Net Zero Skyscraper For Jakarta


Indonesia’s state-owned energy company, Pertamina, began construction on its new headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia in January, 2014. Designed by US architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the 1740′ tall, 99-story net zero skyscraper will generate as much energy as it uses, have zero waste discharge, and feature reduced water demand. The architects say this is “the world’s first supertall tower for which energy is the primary design driver.”

The tower’s design is heavily influenced by its location close to the Equator. Exterior sunshades block solar gain while letting sunlight through to illuminate the interior. The tapered top of the building creates a wind funnel that will harness the higher winds aloft. Solar panels are positioned around the perimeter of the building to capture the sun’s energy at all times of day and in all seasons.

The Pertamina Energy Tower and surrounding building will have about 20,000 employees. This will be a “city within a city, blending together living, working, and playing, while serving as a model of sustainability, efficiency, and collaborative workplace design,” said the design firm. An outdoor covered walkway called the Energy Ribbon will connect the public spaces around the tower such as an auditorium, gardens and a mosque. Its roof will support a large installation of solar panels.

The building will have a self-contained central power facility and will utilize geo-thermal energy to supplement the wind and solar energy systems. It is intended to be a model for sustainable construction and development throughout Indonesia.


Source | Images: EcoBusiness; Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

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