Mr. Peanut Opens Urban Park In New Orleans

The iconic Mr. Peanut arrives in his new biodiesel Planters Nutmobile and opens the first Planters Grove, a peanut-shaped eco-urban park in New Orleans’ historic Central City.  The public green space is designed to provide a natural, inspirational place for the community to enjoy with many sustainable design elements.

“We are proud to have worked with the wonderful people of Central City to plant some good in New Orleans,” said Jason Levine, senior director of marketing at Planters. “These parks were inspired by the community of nut growers who have been our namesake — planters.”

The renowned landscape architect, Ken Smith, designed the New Orlean’s green oasis by working with the local community and its residents. The effort was part revitalization of the city after Hurricane Katrina and BP oil spill, but it was also celebration of arts and New Orlean influence with a nod to sustainability with use of reclaimed materials which were locally sourced.

A windowpane display made of reclaimed windows from homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina outlines the peanut-shaped park exterior.  The windows, painted prominently in unique shades of local colors, allow a clear view into the park and provide a bold first impression. A statue of Mr. Peanut also greets visitors.

 Planters Grove has many other sustainable  and green building features including:

  • Adironback chairs made from recycled materials
  • Recycled concrete pavement in Legume Plaza
  • Sixteen 18-foot native bald cypress trees
  • Planting areas for families and youth to learn more about horticulture. 
  • In addition, solar lighting and rainwater collection will be added in the coming weeks.

The Corps Network’s local member Corps will lead the maintenance, ongoing programming and seasonal planting of each Planters Grove with additional community partners including New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative, Central City Partnership and Faubourg Lafayette Neighborhood Association.

“We were excited to play a part in creating this Planters Grove,” said Patrick Barnes, founder of Limitless Vistas, Inc. “This natural park will not only be a place for the community to enjoy shared experiences, but will also serve as a teaching tool about the environment and local agriculture.”

As part of Planters “Naturally Remarkable” tour, additional Planters Groves will be developed in 2011 in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and New York City. To follow the Planters “Naturally Remarkable” tour, get exclusive updates and learn how to participate, “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook.

Photo Source: Planeters

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