Modular Design Lab: Meet the Flat-Packed Honeycombed HIVEHAUS

Here is an interesting way to approach building an easy-to-assemble living space, configured to be as small or large as you wish.

HIVEHAUS, a new concept in the modular building space – “inspired by nature- influenced by modernism and constructed using unconventional building techniques,” writes the UK-based company.

Each hexagonal HIVEHAUS cell is a self-contained unit with low energy LED lighting and 240v electrical sockets installed as standard. A wide range of additional plumbing, heating and electrical options can be installed to individual client speci­fications – under‑floor heating – wood burning stoves – air conditioning – WC – shower – kitchen etc along with extensive ‘off-grid’ solutions such as solar panels and composting WC’s are all available.

Designed to be compact but comfortable HIVEHAUS was originally conceived by Barry Jackson as a highly versatile garden room that could be easily expanded to suit the needs of the individual without the need (in most cases) for planning permission. HIVEHAUS has been designed to be affordable – sustainable – flexible – easily expanded and portable as well as most importantly – extremely economical to run.

Although created from identically proportioned hexagonal living cells – each one made up of a standard set of uniform components – HIVEHAUS is anything but regular – individual components can be combined in an infinite variety of ways to produce a uniquely bespoke product at a price-point to suit any budget.

hivehausimages 1

As each HIVEHAUS cell is made from six uniform exterior wall panels every time cells are connected to each other at least one wall panel from the original cell is removed and reused on the additional cell, as the cost of each cell is based on the number of wall panels used this ‘re-use’ reduces the number of wall panels needed and therefore the overall cost of expanding the ‘HIVE’. The modular nature of HIVEHAUS also applies to its interior – uniform partition wall panels (with or without built in pocket doors) are added or removed as required allowing airy open plan spaces to become cosy individual rooms and visa versa.

Additional optional extras are also available to further customise HIVEHAUS – from hexagonal decks and removable slatted privacy screens to green roofs, solar panels and composting toilets making HIVEHAUS a serious option as a totally off grid living solution. The cells are fitted with with double- (with the option of triple-) glazed black un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) aluminum composite doors and windows.

3D graphic