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If you are dealing directly with companies that sell or rent mobile office trailers, you might hear a price that catches your interest but be unaware that their competitor offers a much more cost-effective solution. We help you get multiple quotes from the best mobile office trailer companies that are located near you. This could help you save a significant amount of money.

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Most Common Portable Office Sizes In East Los Angeles, California

8'x24' Mobile Office Trailers

A perfect option when space is limited at your job site. A 8' x 24' mobile office trailer provides 192 square feet of usable interior space. These can be customized with many options – including furniture, technology and restrooms and can be quickly delivered to your site and be 100% ready to be put into use right away.

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8'x36' Mobile Office Trailers

While still a smaller option a 8' x 36' mobile office trailer provides 256 square feet of usable space and has a lot to offer your job site. These can be delivered in both standard and customizable floor-plans. For example, you could have a wide-open floor-plan or they can have a private office with a common area and optional restroom.

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10'x36' Mobile Office Trailers

A midsized 10' x 36' mobile office trailer provides 320 square feet of functional portable office space for your project. These can be delivered in both standard and customizable floor-plans. For example, you could have a wide-open floor-plan or they can have a private office with a common area and optional restroom. 

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10'x44' Mobile Office Trailers

A midsized 10' x 44' mobile office trailer provides 440 square feet of functional portable office space for your job site. These can be delivered in both standard and customizable floor-plans. For example, you could have a wide-open floor-plan or they can have 1 or 2 private offices with a common area and optional restroom. 

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12'x50' Mobile Office Trailers

A large size 12' x 50' mobile office trailer provides 600 square feet of functional portable office space for your project. These can be delivered in both standard and customizable floor-plans. For example, you could have a wide-open floor-plan or they can have 1 or 2 private offices with a common area and optional restroom. 

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12'x60' Mobile Office Trailers

Another large sized 12' x 60' mobile office trailer provides 720 square feet of functional portable office space for your job site. These can be delivered in both standard and customizable floor-plans. For example, you could have a wide-open floor-plan or they can have 1 or 2 private offices with a common area and optional restroom. 

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Additional Sizes Available

Single Wide Trailers (most common)

  • 8’x 20’ (160 sq ft)
  • 8’x 28’ (224 sq ft)
  • 8’x 32’ (256 sq ft)
  • 8’x 36’ (288 sq ft)
  • 10’x 40’ (400 sq ft)
  • 10’x 50’ (500 sq ft)
  • 12’x 32’ (384 sq ft)
  • 12’x 44’ (528 sq ft)
  • 12’x 56’ (672 sq ft)
  • 12’x 60’ (720 sq ft)
  • 14’x 45’ (630 sq ft)

Double Wide Trailers

  • 24’x 44’ (1,056 sq ft)
  • 24’x 56’ (1,344 sq ft)
  • 24’x 60’ (1,440 sq ft)
  • 28’x 70’ (1,960 sq ft)
  • 28’x 74’ (2,072 sq ft)

Triple Wide Trailers

  • 42’x 76’ (3,192 sq ft)

Please note: this is a less common option for mobile office trailers. A more traditional modular building is typically used when this large of space is needed. Read more about modular buildings here.

Available Features

Customize your mobile office trailer with add-on features. Based on your industry and business add-on features may be necessary. Take a look at some of the great custom features to choose from:

Specification Details Customizable
HVAC: Central HVAC with programmable thermostats Yes
Interior Doors: Commercial interior doors with steel jambs Yes
Exterior Doors: Steel exterior doors with deadbolts & tempered glass windows Yes
Windows: Low-E double-insulated slider glass windows Yes
Lighting: LED Lights Yes
Running Water: Available (optional) Yes
Restrooms: ADA compliant (optional) Yes
Private Offices: Available (optional) Yes
Storage Closets: Available (optional) Yes
Ceilings: Gypsum ceiling or T-grid suspended ceiling Yes
Walls: Vinyl panels Yes
Flooring: Vinyl tile or carpet (commercial grade) Yes
Exterior Siding: Aluminum or wood Yes
Office Furniture: Desks, filing cabinets, tables, shelves Yes
Skirting: Available (optional) Yes
Wheelchair-accessible entry ramps: Available (optional) Yes
Security Bars on Windows: Available (optional) Yes
Metal Steps: Available (optional) Yes
Ball Hitch Locks: Available (optional) Yes


  • What are the common uses for mobile office trailers?

    Construction Sites

    The convenience and rugged design that mobile office trailers offer is perfect for construction companies to remain on-site and stay on-top of projects and staff.

    • Office
    • Rest Area
    • Break Room
    • Storage Room


    Mobile office trailers are a popular solution to meet school’s expanding capacity requirements and during school renovations.

    • Classroom
    • Office
    • Break Room
    • Storage Room

    Medical, Healthcare and Dental Facilities

    Portable office trailers allow medical clinics and centers the additional capacity to treat more patients in the event of a medical emergency, testing, or examination.

    • Testing
    • Lab Work
    • Screening


    Portable office trailers are perfect for retailers in need of extra inventory storage, or extra office space.

    • Offices
    • Additional Storage

    Other industries that use mobile office trailers includes the following:

    • Administrative
    • Energy & Power Plants
    • Financial & Banking
    • Government
    • Institutional
    • Petrochemical & Refineries
    • Religious


  • Should I rent or buy a mobile office trailer?

    We have a lot of people ask should I rent or buy a mobile office trailer? It all depends on how long you will use the trailer for in order to have the financials make sense to purchase or rent.

    When You Should Rent:

    • You need the unit for less than 3 years.
    • You can’t afford (or don’t want to spend) $20,000-$30,000 on a mobile office.
    • You prefer to pay a monthly fee of $200-$900 to rent ($2,400-$10,800 a year).
    • You don’t want to own a mobile office for the long term.

    Keep in mind that most dealers have at least a three-month minimum rental contract. Many will offer a discounted rate if you sign a lease for one year or more.

    When You Should Buy:

    • You need the unit for more than 3 years (time required to break-even on the cost to rent vs. buy).
    • You can afford the $15,000-$45,000 to purchase as a long-term investment for your business.
    • You plan to refurbish the unit and sell it for a higher price.
    • You plan on reusing the trailer and moving it to multiple sites and have the equipment and staff to handle the transport yourself.

    Please Note: If you purchase the unit, but later decide you want to sell it, many local suppliers are willing to buy it back from you. If not, you can use third-party sites like eBay and Craigslist to sell your trailer.


  • How much does a mobile office cost?

    Choosing the right mobile office trailer for your business comes down to your budget. From buying versus renting, to having a full kitchen, there are various options and features that will impact the cost of the trailer. Take a look at some of the features and conditions that can influence the price.

    The cost of a mobile office trailer will vary based on:

    • Buying vs Renting
    • Sizing
    • New vs Old Unit
    • Add-on Custom Features
    • Distance from Supplier
    • Buying Season

    Renting Examples:

    The cost to rent a mobile office can range from $200 to $900 per month, depending on the exact size of trailer you choose and any customizations you require. It’s important to keep in mind that the price you pay can vary between suppliers and the options they have. Here is an example cost estimate you can expect to pay to rent a mobile office trailer.

    • Small trailers (8’ X 24’) = $200 to $400 per month
    • Mid-sized trailers (10’ X 36’) = $300 to $500 per month
    • Large single-wide trailers (12’ X 60’) = $500 to $900 per month

    Please Note: Mobile office trailer prices will go up during the peak spring and summer seasons and how much the current supply and demand is effecting the price.

    Buying Examples:

    When buying a mobile office trailer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $45,000 per unit.


  • How should I choose a mobile office trailer supplier?

    If you are ready to buy or rent a mobile office trailer, you will need to find the right company to work with. Committing to a supplier can be overwhelming for such a large and important decision. Here’s a list of questions that you can ask to help you make the decision easier for you:


    • Do you lease and sell mobile offices?
    • Do you offer new and used?
    • What size offices do you have?
    • What customized features are available?
    • What features are available if I am leasing vs. buying?
    • Do features differ based on the size?
    • What features would you recommend based on the needs of my business? Why?


    • Where do you get your mobile offices?
    • How old are they?
    • Do they range in price? What factors affect the price?
    • Can I see the office before purchasing it? If not, can I get pictures of every angle of the office, including the interior?
    • How long has the office been in use?
    • How many times has it been leased and transported (and how many miles)?
    • Has it incurred any damage (in transport, weather)?
    • Where has the office resided and in what kind of climate?
    • Is there any visual damage – rust, dents, holes?


    • Is the cost of delivery included? If not, do you charge per mile or per a certain mile radius?
    • Will there be any permitting fees involved?
    • Do you offer a liability waiver or one-year warranty?


    • How long is a leasing contract?
    • How much advance notice is required to terminate the contract?
    • How long can I extend the contract?

    Customer Service

    • What are your available hours, including weekends?
    • What happens if there is an emergency (weather damage, HVAC goes out, theft)?
    • Will I get in touch with a live person when I call or does it go to voicemail?
    • When I go through the order and delivery process, how many different people will I talk to and are they local?
    • What is my responsibility vs. yours when it comes to permits, site prep, liability, and delivery?


  • What is the delivery process?

    Since suppliers keep popular mobile office trailer sizes in their inventory, delivery can occur in about 5 to 10 days. If you need a mobile office trailer sooner than that, some suppliers may be able to provide rush shipping, depending on their inventory and your geographic location. Rushed shipping will likely cost more, so always try to be proactive and plan ahead.


    If you want to know the delivery and installation process including cost implications, it’s important to ask your supplier what is and is not included. Ask your supplier about all of the following:

    • Delivery – Based on miles shipped, the width of trailer, etc.?
    • Setup – Based on soil conditions? The size of the trailer?
    • Electrician/Plumber – Additional fee to set up electrical/plumbing connection?
    • Skirt – Included or considered an add-on feature?
    • Steps – Included or add-on?
    • Ramps – Included or add-on? Does my mobile office need to be ADA-compliant?


    Before the end of your lease is up, it is important to know what is your responsibility vs. the supplier’s regarding the removal process. Find out who handles all of the following and whether it’s included in the total price or for an additional fee:

    • Unblocking
    • Removing anchors
    • Skirt removal
    • Shipping (you have to pay to ship it back)


  • Do I need insurance coverage for my mobile office trailer?

    Damage and Liability

    Some mobile office companies offer insurance coverage directly for their rental trailers that can protect you from third-party claims for property damage and bodily injury. Other companies offer you a damage waiver, which will cover damages to the rental unit or its attachments beyond a certain minimum amount. Please note that every supplier is different when it comes to insurance coverage and you will want to verify what is offered with each company before making a final commitment.

    You can also take out your own insurance policy by contacting your insurance company to see what your options are.


    Theft can always be a problem anytime there is a building that is unoccupied both during the day or night. The best way to ensure your stuff is safe is to invest in a high quality lock and don’t give out the code or key to anyone you don’t trust.  A lot of companies will offer you a high-end locking mechanisms at an additional cost.

    If your mobile office trailer has windows, you could also consider adding metal bars to deter theft. A lot of companies use their mobile trailers to store their valuable equipment, machines, and supplies on their job site. This can be a huge financial loss for the business if these items are stolen both to replace the equipment and to cover the time lost on the job and having to deal with the hassle.

    Be sure to check and see what insurance options are available that cover theft if you are in an area where you feel this could be a problem that you will have to deal with.


  • What are the benefits of a mobile office trailer?

    Our suppliers have multiple sizing options and price ranges available to you. There’s a mobile office trailer to meet every organizations needs. If you’re considering renting or buying a mobile office trailer the benefits and possibilities include the following.

    Save Money

    You might not be aware but renting or buying a mobile office trailer is most likely more affordable than investing in a permanent building. Mobile office trailers are a great money-saving option for construction companies, schools, retailers, medical facilities, and small businesses.


    Mobile offices allow you to easily expand or change locations when needed. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from a construction site or need to move a classroom on another campus, mobile offices give you the flexibility to do what works best for you, when you want it to happen.

    Expand Your Business

    Growing a business shouldn’t be a drain your wallet. Expand your business using a mobile office trailer when your situation calls for it. If your school has taken on more students recently or your office needs more space for employees, expanding your business and increasing work productivity is easy with a mobile office.

    Get What You Need

    Not all mobile office trailer companies are created equally. That’s why Green Building Elements provides you with FREE & No Obligation quotes from up to 5 qualified suppliers in your area. Get the perfect size, add ons, and features needed for your mobile office at the best possible price.


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