Mercedes Set to Launch Baby Sprinter Van in Europe, is the US Next?

Mercedes’ Sprinter van totally changed the landscape of the commercial truck market, bringing modern driving dynamics and the fuel economy of advanced turbo diesel engines to a market that had stagnated with gas-guzzling V8s built on truck bodies for decades. Now, as Ford, Chrysler, and GM’s Chevy brand retreat to smaller commercial vans, Mercedes is launching a new, diesel-powered minivan overseas.

Will Mercedes’ new baby Sprinter V class (in the form of the V250 Bluetec) come to the US? Will it be available as a panel van? We don’t know the answers to those questions, yet, but you can read more about the baby Sprinter van in this article, originally published on our sister site, Gas 2, below.

Last week, Mercedes-Benz launched a new minivan for the European market that could- if you look closely enough- be the single most disruptive new vehicle launch of the year. The way you move your pets, plants, and people around in the near future could…