Making Renovations For Energy Savings

Making Renovations For Energy Savings

People undertake home renovations for many different reasons. Some want to increase the home’s market value. Others like to incorporate new features to keep the home looking modern, while still others just want a fresh look every so often.

Making Renovations For Energy Savings

Today, energy savings are one of the most popular reasons for home renovations. Homeowners want to reduce their use of water, gas, and electricity by incorporating new features that are more energy-efficient.

That type of upgrade can be done in several different ways, and the amount of money you spend is entirely up to you. You can generate utility savings for yourself with even the most modest upgrades, and the further you go with them, the more money you pocket.

Low-Cost Home Renovation Projects

A lot of the things you can do would not be considered renovations by some people, but if you look at the definition of the word “renovate”–to make new again–they certainly fit the bill.

The most notorious culprit for energy loss is windows and doors. The gaps that are created by shrinking materials, settling buildings or even improper installation can make a big impact on your utility bill. By the time you consider every single such opening in your home, you’ll see very quickly just how much you can benefit from having professionals from companies like Doorcare inspect your home. Doorcare technicians check things out and–you guessed it–make them new again. The cost is minimal, and the impact can be seen for years.

Medium-Cost Home Renovation Projects

Once you have sealed up the home, you can think about projects like insulation upgrades. While you can’t get back inside the walls and add insulation that was left out during construction, you can certainly do so if those walls are opened during replacement of sheetrock or other wall materials. And attics can easily be given a boost with additional batts or with blown-in insulation. Even outdated windows can be double-glazed to improve their efficiency without replacing them.

Appliances are another energy hog in the home. Water heaters, HVAC systems, and appliances in the kitchen and laundry may be old and inefficient, and you may save quite a bit of money by replacing them.

Making Renovations For Energy Savings

High-Cost Home Renovation Projects

Sometimes you can benefit from a major upgrade in the home. Many roof surfaces are thin and can permit too much penetration from the environment, so new shingles or a metal roof can be a good investment. Your landscape can help your energy use as well. Transplanting some large, mature trees can not only beautify the landscape but also deflect a good deal of the sun’s energy away from the house.

Speaking of the sun, it can play a major part in your home’s efficiency by providing you with power instead of just consuming it. Summer heat makes your air conditioner work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature in the living space. Why not consider installing a solar power system that will not only reduce the amount of solar heat that enters your home but will also generate electricity to combat the heat that does find its way in? Solar upgrades can save you money all year long for decades to come.

A home renovation for energy efficiency is like any other renovation. It can be as big or as small as you wish. And regardless of size, any change you make will help reduce your carbon footprint. If we could all get behind that idea, we’d make a real difference.

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