Like chefs and tour guides, real estate agents can become weary of the products they sell. For chefs, it’s palate fatigue, and for tour guides, it’s destination fatigue. What is it called when a luxury real estate agent, disenchanted with lavish properties, chooses to live in a home the size of an RV?

Bigger Is Not Always Better

The Real Estate Agent's Trailer Home
Image Credit: YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

This is exactly what happened to 60-year-old Rich from a tiny house community in Orlando Lakefront.

Rich decided bigger is not always better and what works for him at the moment is a 20 x 8.5-foot trailer in Florida.

“I lived in a larger house and had too much stuff,” he explains. “If I saw something I wanted it, if I saw something, I bought it.”

 “All in all, I think it was too much for me […]. I just wanted something smaller,” he told YouTube Channel, Tiny House Giant Journey.

Two Bedrooms, a Lounge, a Kitchen, and a Bathroom

Bedroom, Lounge and Toilet.
Image Credit: YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

From the outside, the structure is neat with corrugated aluminum roofing walls and two decks.

On the inside, even with this limited space, Rich’s lodgings boast master and guest loft bedrooms large enough for queen-sized beds.

Getting to these parts of the structure requires mounting steeper than usual stairs, which were built this way to create more floor space in the living areas.

One may think this is not a claustrophobic-friendly setup, but surprisingly Rich lives the condition too. He gets around it because he has nine windows in the structure.

A Workspace With Great Views

A view from Rich's kitchen
Image Credit: YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

The luxury mansion salesman may refer to the home’s decor as a combination of rustic and modern, but it abounds with minimalistic lines and chic accessories like silver shaded lamps, a flatscreen TV mounted above the door, an air conditioning unit, walls with a light veneer wood finish in the lounge, and framed art.

Next to the couch is a nook that looks into the kitchen and bar stool where Rich does most of his work. When seated here he has an almost panoramic view of what is outside including the lake nearby.

The trailer has a 38 x 38 shower with six shower heads, a flushing toilet, and a basin.

Despite the metal sheeting on the roof and outside walls, Rich says that he does not even hear the rain and claims this is due to insulation.

The Entire Project Cost $82,000

The Real Estate Agent's House
Image Credit: YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

All told, the entire project cost him $82,000, in a complex where plots could cost the renter anywhere between $575 and $775 per month. 

Rich holds down two jobs – one of which is managing the small home community where he lives and the other as a real estate agent.

This Real Estate Agent Says He Is Happy in His Humble Home

Luxury Real Estate Agent Rich
Image Credit: YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

He claims he does not regret downgrading to the smaller space and as a testimony to this, has been living in the trailer for the last five years.