Lowe’s Smart Home Survey – Results

Smart home systems

Smart home systems

A new smart home study released by Lowe’s found that while Rosie the Robot is the futuristic feature consumers would want most from “The Jetsons,” more than 70 percent of smart phone users in America just wish they could control something in their home from their mobile device without getting out of bed.

Lowe’s 2014 Smart Home Survey examined Americans’ attitudes and experiences with home automation, with a particular look at the most important features and top reasons for owning smart home products.

The data reveals that a majority of Americans are generally favorable to smart homes, with 50 percent preferring do-it-yourself solutions, and nearly two-thirds (62 percent) find the smart home most beneficial for monitoring safety and security.

The Smart Home Survey, conducted online in July by Harris Poll on behalf of Lowe’s, polled more than 2,000 U.S. adults aged 18+ and found that 52 percent of Americans feel that having a smart home is at least somewhat important to them.

When it comes to purchasing consideration, more than half (56 percent) of Americans cite either cost or fees as the most important deciding factor (31 percent say monthly fee amount and 26 percent say the cost of equipment), followed by ease of use (13 percent) and security (11 percent).

“In general, Americans feel positively toward products that will make their homes safer, more energy efficient and easier to manage. It is added evidence that the smart home and Internet of Things are here to stay,” saidKevin Meagher, Lowe’s vice president and general manager, Smart Home.


Interesting Findings in Lowe’s Smart Home Study

  • 62 percent of Americans rank security and home monitoring as the most beneficial reason to own a smart home.

  • Overall convenience comes in at third place (35 percent), and protection from floods, fire and other disasters (29 percent) ranks fourth.

  • In order of importance, Americans who own a smart phone or tablet want to adjust the thermostat (44 percent), turn on the lights (39 percent) or start the coffee pot (27 percent) before getting out of bed.

  • Nearly half of Americans (49 percent) wish their home would already be the perfect temperature when they arrive home. Other popular wishes include the lights being on (37 percent) and doors being unlocked (27 percent).

  • 61 percent of parents with children ages 3-17 plan to monitor their children in some way when they go back to school.

  • 35 percent plan to buy their child a cell phone

  • 19 percent will use at-home cameras

  • 17 percent will receive text notifications

  • 13 percent plan to put a GPS or monitoring device in their child’s backpack

  • People in the western region of the country (23 percent) are more likely than those in the Northeast (4 percent) or Midwest (9 percent) to put a GPS or monitoring device in their child’s backpack.


Source: PR Newswire | Photo: hnnbz via photopin cc