LED Expansion of Intematix’s ChromaLit Lighting Collection

Intematix recently released their expansion to their existing ChromaLit Lighting Collection which is expected to launch this week. Their expansion was in response to their clients’ reception of the original ChromaLit Collection launched in January of this year and their demand for more high performance LED lighting design options.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are energy-efficient lighting available for commercial and home use. Advancements in LED technology have led these lights to replace other light sources because they offer longer service life and higher energy-efficiency than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lamps. These technologies mixed with phosphor technologies can produce a broader spectrum of white light which increases performance and provides clarity of light. The increase of demand of LED lights have made manufacturers such as Intemix to seek out methods of  making LED lighting affordable for the consumers.

Intematix is based in Fremont, California and their entire ChromaLit Collection is now available from Future Lighting Solutions with 110 varying shapes, color temperatures and color rendering indexes (CRI). They have based their LEDs on Phosphor technologies and use a materials-design platform called “C-Mat Synthesis” which allows development and implementation of new products to be faster than other companies’ product expansion.

ChromaLit Lighting Family

“From computer screens to architectural lighting, signage to traffic lights, Intematix’s technology has had, and will continue to have, broad impact on our customers by reducing their energy costs in a variety of applications,” says Intermix lighting.

The ChromaLit Collection now consists of the following shapes:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Linear
  • Panel
Circle Lighting Concepts

Intematix also offers customized shapes, temperatures and CRIs for individual projects. Their products are unique, attractive, have vivid color quality, consistency, uniformity and stability. The company praises their lighting attributes by stating,

“ChromaLit optimizes light quality and efficacy performance for applications like down, spot, under-cabinet, linear, task, area, ceiling panel and industrial lighting systems… In all of the ChromaLit products, this architecture provides unparalleled design freedom, more efficient manufacturing processes, exceptional light quality and up to 30 percent higher system efficacy.”

Square Lighting Concepts

Intematix has partnered with Future Lighting Solutions to positively affect their clients’ energy use and lighting concepts. Their ChromaLit line’s growth possibilities are endless as the technologies in lighting and energy will continue to evolve.

It will be interesting to see how the release is received from the public as they are able to try the expanded ChromaLit products in their future projects.

Resources: Future Lighting Solutions, Intematix

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