LED Economics Make Sensible Solutions

A year ago, Eco-story LED Lighting Solutions was selected by The Timberland Company (NYSE: TBL) to “help its stores make an eco-friendly shift in lighting.” The results are impressive – both economically and environmentally.

Timberland, an outdoor footwear and apparel company, opted to use Portland, ME-based Eco-story to create special LED track lights that would improve overall ambiance, while saving money. According to a recent press release, 10 months after the LED system installation, the company has saved approximately $100,000 in electricity costs for 50 U.S. Timberland stores that were retrofitted.

Generally this meant that Eco-story replaced up to 150 50 to 90-Watt halogen spotlights in each store with 10-Watt Par 30 color-matched LED bulbs.

“Eco-consciousness led the way in our endeavor to make lighting changes, but with the Federal tax incentive and our lowered electric bill, the financial savings has been a significant advantage,” said Al Buell, Timberland store planning and construction project manager.

According to the release, Eco-story LED bulbs are predicted to last 6 to 10 years.  As for failure rate, less than one percent of over 5,000 lamps failed and replacement was not difficult.

The Eco-story ECO-PAR-30-WW LED lamp features lighting-class Cree XLamp LEDs.  For more information about Eco-story and its products, visit its website.

On its website, LED product advantages are listed:

  • Incredible energy reduction
  • Long bulb life which leads to lower maintenance, replacement, and safety costs
  • Reduced A/C costs because of the lower heat output form the bulbs
  • EPAct tax credits of up to .60 per square foot
  • Potential utility rebates
  • Direct screw in replacement means no hardware wiring changes
  • Dimmable
  • Custom manufactured for your application including wattage, beam disbursement, and Kelvin color

Eco-story LED Lighting Solutions, based in Portland, Maine, was founded in spring 2007. Eco-story bulbs contain no mercury or harmful substances and can duplicate current lighting specifications.

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